keep palm and carry on.

Hey everyone!
I’m currently using the internet at Starbucks so i’ll have to powerblog/surf since i only have 20 minutes! Since my arrival on Friday, i’ve actually been taking it slow and i’ve barely shopped. I decided not to go too crazy yet since I'm here for over a month. 
The weather here is so warm, it has been around the low 30s and extremely humid. But when you’re indoors; the air con is so strong it’s actually cold. So yesterday, when i knew i’d spend the entire day indoors, i took the opportunity to wear my pants. 
I am in love with them. 

top: Forever 21 (DIY studding), jeans: Motel Rock, heels and Birkin-copy bag: Hong Kong, watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs, ring: YSL Arty Ring, nail polish: Essie Cocktail Bling, lipstick: Illamasqua Test

So you might have noticed that i dyed my hair. My pink underlayer has been replaced by purple. I really like that it’s not just a solid purple, there’s a gradient going on with the pink and i like it so much more than i expected to c:





  1. You're so prettttty Chloe! And your hair ahhhh. Such a cute outfit.