Sasatinnie Mini SPN140 + SPN123 Nail Polish (Swatch + Review)

Those who know me in real life will know that i am a bit of a nail polish snob and that i rarely buy cheap nail polish. I don’t mean price-cheap because i’m always on the hunt for good bargains on established brands but i mean quality-cheap. I just hate when you can feel and/or see how tacky and cheap a nail polish is.

I’ll be honest, i was sucked in by Sasatinnie’s adorable heart shaped bottles and after trying them, i can definitely see now they’re more of a novelty ;c
SPN140 - Mint
This was the color that drew me to the stash and made me want to try this range in the first place. It looked so gorgeous in the bottle and so different from the other mints i’ve come across which are a lot more solid or vibrant. This color is much more subtle and it looked like it had a jelly finish so i was keen. 
I really love the color and the finish with the microsparkles however, this polish took 5 coats to reach opacity...5 COATS. I didn’t have a problem with the formula but it was just so sheer. Usually, I would never be bothered to build up that many coats but i was so determined to make this color work. It’s definitely a lovely color for spring but 5 coats...the bottle isn’t even that big. 
SPN123 - Peach
I don’t like this color quite as much, it’s definitely available in other ranges and i’m sure their formulas would be better too. It seems like an essie color. This took 3 coats to reach opacity but it was difficult to apply evenly and it was really streaky ;c

Drying speed wasn’t an issue for either of these because i use the Seche Vite topcoat so it dries quickly regardless. Seche Vite definitely helped even out the peach one.
Overall, I don’t think i’ll be purchasing anymore from this range. I think the size is good if you’re someone who never finishes a full sized bottle but the formulas just aren’t that great...I’ll probably wear the mint one if i have the time and effort to apply it because i really do like the color but otherwise, the super adorable packaging will make them cute decor on my vanity table.

Have you tried any nail polish colors from the Sasatinnie range? Have any cheap nail polishes ever surprised you?




  1. Oh dear 5 coats.. don't you hate that!!
    I'm a bit of a nail polish snob too but I love the Ulta3 polishes - $2 - $2.50 for a bottle and amazing quality! And there's a fantastic colour range too.

    1. it was so disappointing ;c i saw some ulta colors i liked and decided against it, i'll have to check it out