Preparing for America Part #3

really wanted to get a few posts queued before my trip but as always, I left myself with hardly any time to get everything ready so I'm currently blogging on my phone in Hong Kong which I must say is a first! So please excuse my iPhone photos or any issues with alignment and post formatting :3 
For my final installment of my America series, I'm going to share the beauty and skincare bits that I'm bringing with me on my trip and how I am organising it.

Mum's Asia Haul (Swatches)

My mum just got back from Asia and she picked up some fun stuff, I had a pretty good time going through it with her so I had to share with you guys too :) 

Preparing for America Part #2

Finally gave my blog the face lift it has been needing. I spent all day yesterday doing it and I'm so happy with the result! I hope you guys like the new layout c:

On this second instalment of my travel series, I will be sharing some of the things I have bought for my America trip (a semi-haul I guess), staring with this Travel Journal. I am a serious agenda/diary type of girl, I love stickers, highlighters, checklists, countdowns, the lot. I am obsessed with my Moleskin diary and we have a monthly calendar at home that I nag my family to fill out so we can be aware of each other's activities at all times. I just love to have everything I need to do and all important dates written down where I can visualise it on a week to week basis.

Etude House Look at Me Eyeshadows (Swatch + Review)

My mum recently came back from a short trip to Hong Kong and Seoul and while I will be sharing some of the beauty bits she picked up, this is by far my favorite item that she bought. This is an Etude House custom quad that she put together and my, does my mum have taste?!
Korean brands such as Etude House has always delivered products with great quality and price, but the quality of these eyeshadows completely BLEW. ME. AWAY! I was in no way prepared for that and I don't think you are either.

Preparing for America Part #1

I thought I would do something a bit different on here and share a series of posts before I leave, about my preparation for my 6 week trip to the U.S with my best friend, Isabella. This is the first BIG trip I've planned by myself without my parents and it's actually been an very enjoyable process so far! I've done small trips around Asia but never more than a week and usually I have a travel agent plan my flights/hotels/etc.
This time, Bella and I are visiting quite a few cities across the massive country so we've done a lot of research, budgeting and comparing different travel options - money vs. time, as well as accommodation options.
This is pretty much our trip as we have planned so far:

Los Angeles - Yosemite - San Francisco - Denver/Breckenridge - Chicago - New York - Boston - New York - Los Angeles - Melbourne