Sasatinnie Mini SPN140 + SPN123 Nail Polish (Swatch + Review)

Those who know me in real life will know that i am a bit of a nail polish snob and that i rarely buy cheap nail polish. I don’t mean price-cheap because i’m always on the hunt for good bargains on established brands but i mean quality-cheap. I just hate when you can feel and/or see how tacky and cheap a nail polish is.

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream Review

I never used to cared much for my cuticles. However in the last year or so; when i started swatching nail polishes on instagram, i began to notice how cracked my cuticles were and that bothered me. 
I picked this up the other day at Manning and i am kicking myself that i didn't buy this earlier! 
cue* whereeeeeee have you been all my life?

anyone who listens is gonna get theirs when the water floods down, into the rabbit hole

shirt: asos, necklace + gold hair cuff + arm cuff: h&m, rabbit ring: hong kong, shorts: h&m (DIY studding), belt: UNIQLO, socks: topshop, shoes: jeffery campbell

Essie: Da Bush (Swatch + Review)

This has to be one of my favorite nail polishes ever (No joke, i even own a back up in case i ever lose it/break it or finish it) so i just couldn’t leave home without it and brought it with me to HK.

i want to buy you flowers, it's such a shame you're a boy

I don't know if it's the weather or my new hair but my sense of fashion has been extra girly lately and it's kind of fun. My wardrobe is all about pastels these holidays, i'm really taking advantage of the mini summer i get to have.

L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows in Forever Pink + Flashback Silver (Swatch + Review)

I actually already own 3 of these (Goldmine, Eternal Black and Sahara Treasure) back in Melbourne. I'm not going to go too much in detail about them because they’ve been on the market for a while. So these are pressed pigments. At first i thought they were cream eyeshadows but they’re actually made of powder and incredibly soft. If you press too hard, it will crumble. It comes with a flattener to keep it from drying out and well, pressed.

keep palm and carry on.

Hey everyone!
I’m currently using the internet at Starbucks so i’ll have to powerblog/surf since i only have 20 minutes! Since my arrival on Friday, i’ve actually been taking it slow and i’ve barely shopped. I decided not to go too crazy yet since I'm here for over a month. 
The weather here is so warm, it has been around the low 30s and extremely humid. But when you’re indoors; the air con is so strong it’s actually cold. So yesterday, when i knew i’d spend the entire day indoors, i took the opportunity to wear my pants. 
I am in love with them. 

DIY Studding Part I

After buying a heap of studs on eBay, i've been spicing spiking up a few items in my wardrobe. I started off with my elephant print shirt (as seen in this post - i also added a studs on the cuffs which was inspired by this Zara shirt). 
In the days between finishing my exam and leaving for Hong Kong, i studded these:

Pastels Parfaites

By the time you read this, i'll be on my flight to HK c: 
So a couple of weeks ago when i was panicking about my major folios and essays, i did some online shopping and i honestly didn't expect them to arrive before i left - I even got them sent to friends' houses in case i'm long gone. But i'm so glad they did arrive because the pastel colors are so perfect for summer c:
First up, Topshop:


so let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater

Essie: Very Structured (Swatch + Review)

This color is part of the Essie Fall Collection 2011 and I actually received this in the March I Love This Box. When i first saw it, i wasn't sure this was a color i'd wear. As far as my 'autumn' nail polishes go, this is definitely the darkest and warmest color i have.
I kind of just forgot about this because it wasn't a color i specifically picked out and bought so it just sat there neglected on my vanity table until today.

Free Revlon Lip Butter? Yes Please! *Australia only

Revlon has 2000 free lip butters to give away and all you have to do is download this free app with a friend or family member and bump your phones together. This works with Apple and Android phones. Then log into facebook and enter your details and a free sample will be sent your way. Unfortunately, you can't choose your shade but it makes it a bit more exciting doesn't it C: