Essie: Da Bush (Swatch + Review)

This has to be one of my favorite nail polishes ever (No joke, i even own a back up in case i ever lose it/break it or finish it) so i just couldn’t leave home without it and brought it with me to HK.

In artificial light, indoors
With Flash
In natural light, indoors
This was part of the 2011 Resort Collection for summer and it is definitely spring/summer appropriate in terms of color! So many adjectives come to mind when trying to describe it - It is a soft khaki sage with a gray undertone. I love the murkiness! Da Bush has a creme finish and the application was perfect and smooth. 2 coats and it was fully opaque.
The soft color is delicate, feminine and not too overwhelming, such a delight! Everytime i have this on, i can’t stop staring at my nails c:
Gosh i just love this color so much! Everything about it is perfect! The only thing i hate about this nail polish is its name. Da Bush. Really? Such an ugly name for such a lovely shade ;c
Apparently this color and OPI's Stranger Tides are meant to be pretty impressive dupes for each other, so if you're interested in this color but you already own one of either, you probably don't need the other one c:

Do you own either one of these colors? What are your favorite nail polish colors for spring/summer? 



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