Heart & Seoul: Day 3

Played with some of my new make up on the 3rd day and really loved how it turned out ^^ I have to seriously apologise but i didn't take many photos at all on the 3rd day, and the photos i did take were a bit random so bear with me for this post!

Heart & Seoul: Day 2

Krispy Kreme is so popular over there, almost everywhere i went had stands/stores. I couldn't resist this flavor which was New York Cheesecake. Just thinking about it is making me drool, so so good.

Heart & Seoul: Day 1

Took me forever to go through and edit my photos but i'm finally getting my Asia posts up. After i got back from HK, i was immediately thrown into last minute planning for my joint 21st with one of my closest friends, since i only got back the week before it! But that's why i haven't been active on twitter/instagram/blogspot. I'm back now though, i'm ready to get back into blogging and boy do i have a lot installed for you c: