shirt: H&M, cardigan: mums, skirt: thrifted, shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
This year is the year of 21sts for me and most of my friends; this week alone i went to three of them. Each time i attend one, it gets me even more excited for my 21st but that's not until July ^^ I went to a 90s themed 21st on Friday night and it was such a good theme. It reminded me what a fun decade the 90s was for fashion - full of denim, knee high socks, high waisted pants, scrunchies, oversized sweaters, crop tops, plaid and daggy caps. Funny because a lot of these are coming back in fashion. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish Mattes by Kate Moss Lipstick in #106

ok now that i've got my outburst out of the way... I love the Kate Moss lipsticks from Rimmel. I love how pigmented and creamy they are, i love how the packaging is so slick, i love the colors in the range. I just really love them. So when i heard that a matte line was released, i HAD to check them out. Loving the red matte packaging too c;

One Hundred and One Dalmatians

sweater: ASOS, jacket: thrifted, leggings: H&M, hat: SSUR x Clot, bag: Nasty Gal, socks: eBay, shoes: Underground UK

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Recent OOTDs via Instagram

I apologise for being lazy and not properly documenting my outfits with a proper camera. Its hard for me to find a photographer when my mum isn't busy; i really should invest in a tripod. And plus, it's just so easy with an iphone you know? Anyway, i thought i would share them anyway c: These are just a few OOTDs from the last few months :3 My girl Mish will be featured in some of them too, i'll include where she got everything too!

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L'Oreal Shine Caresse in Lolita 606 and Eve 605 (Swatch + Review)