Recent OOTDs via Instagram

I apologise for being lazy and not properly documenting my outfits with a proper camera. Its hard for me to find a photographer when my mum isn't busy; i really should invest in a tripod. And plus, it's just so easy with an iphone you know? Anyway, i thought i would share them anyway c: These are just a few OOTDs from the last few months :3 My girl Mish will be featured in some of them too, i'll include where she got everything too!

shirt: friend's cadet shirt, top: i don't remember what top i wore LOL, skirt: Zara, boots: Dr Martens,  bag: Alexander Wang, spiked bracelets: HK
top: eBay, shorts: American Apparel, boots: Jeffrey Campbell, bag: ASOS, necklace: Diva
This was from a random shopping day. I borrowed my friend's cadet shirt when we had a camo themed VIP night at my work. Not really sure what my stand is when it comes to camo, i just can't decide if i hate it or love it. 
dress: HK, cat tights: HK, socks: eBay, creepers: Underground
I can't remember when i wore this, i think it might have been at a Christmas party, you can't really see my dress but aren't these tights the cutest. I'm still so in love with my creepers (you may remember them from this post)
 dress: HK, belt: Gucci, cuff: H&M, necklace: Diva, bag: Alexander Wang, unicorn ring (from this post): HK
I wore this when i went shopping around the city with my cousin who was down from Sydney. I banned myself from shopping since i shop so much online :3 but my cousin spoiled me and insisted on buying me a superdry hoodie so we can match. What a cutie. 
snapback: SSUR x Clot, top: Tokyo Hardcore (from this post), shorts: Dangerfield, socks: eBay, shoes: Vans
top: eBay, necklace: Diva, shorts: Target, bag: ASOS

This was from a day trip we took to Philip Island at the beginning of the year, one of our best friends were down from the US and we wanted to take him out for a drive c: Mish and i decided to wear matching prostitute tops coz we're all class.

dress: Romwe, belt: Gucci
This was my outfit for our Chinese New Years Eve dinner. I was bad and didn't wear red like a good girl, i realise it's because i don't actually own anything red red.

top: Superdry, shorts: American Apparel, earrings: Dotti, ring: YSL Arty Ring
My Big Day Out outfit, this was such a fun day! The highlight was definitely seeing the Killers and Sleigh Bells. I've been wanting to see both these bands for so long! I also got to see heaps of friends that i hadn't seen in a long time which was really nice!

dress: HK, necklace: Tiffany & Co, headband: H&M, hairclip: eBay, unicorn ring (from this post): HK
This was just a random outfit i wore to Uni, i was channeling the dainty ballerina look. I felt like extra girly that day c: 

beanie: SSUR, top: Uniqlo, vest: vintage, bangles: Dinosaur Designs (from this post)
Another uni outfit, my style seriously changes all the time and so drastically. I love beanies so i am really excited that the weather has started to cool down. You can do so much more with winter wardrobes!
 sweater: Peter Alexander, leggings: H&M, headband: H&M, necklace: Kuma Crafts, unicorn ring (from this post): HK, bag: Longchamp
I wore this for a family day a couple of weekends ago. I love love love this sweater, its so soft and warm and very me :3
 top: Uniqlo, pants: Motel Rocks (from this post - gosh my hair was purple then!), bag: Alexander Wang, earrings: I'm Your Present
Wore this to work today actually. I forgot how amazing these jeans fit. I got complimented a few times on them :3 
You might have noticed is MY NEW BABYYYYY. I remember when this Alexander Wang bag came out 3 years ago, i was instantly smitten but i was in high school then and it never felt like a possibility that i could own one. Then this summer, since i worked for 4 solid months and i didn't travel anywhere, i decided to treat myself :3 i got it for 20% off too!
I thought i'd include one of my dad's OOTDs too LOL. My dad's sense of style is much more defined than mine. His style is all about simplicity and the occasional color blocking!
I promise i'll do some proper OOTDs soon with my real camera, meanwhile, you can find me on instagram @chloe_e and/or twitter @chloe_e for more frequent updates and silliness c: 




  1. ahhh, loved all your outfit!! all of them are so chi and stylish! ^_~

  2. Love your style! Feminine with an edge ;) haha your dad is so suave!

  3. beautiful outfits!!! The bunny sweater is so cute >.<
    oooh and the alexander wang bag is a dream!! but one question, does the weight of the bag annoy you? because I was close to buy the bag but I thought it was a tad too heavy.. I often have back problem so I was concerned about the weight T.T

    1. thanks heaps Pam! that was a concern of mine too especially because i had only heard that it was heavy but i had never actually held one but i just loved the bag so much i bought it online anyway.
      I find that when you hold the handles with your hands or on your arm, it feels heavy but when its on your shoulder you barely notice it!

  4. Your outfits are all so cute dear! Oh and yes, I can completely understand your logic of the iphone being simple and easy for photo taking! I've been neglecting my dslr these past few months because it's just too heavy to carry around. You and your friend look gorgeous and I love your new bag! :) x

    1. thanks lovely c: i know right! for me its also the hassle of asking someone to take the photos for me unless it's my mum.

  5. I love all your outfits! I know what you mean by having a phone, I get very lazy lugging out my big camera too!!!

    Awww, and so nice you were able to pick up the Rocco bag with your hard work! Always feels more fulfilling and rewarding that way, right?

    Not to mention, your dad is SUPER stylish! Wow!! xx

    1. i really should since i have a nice camera! but i don't like asking ppl to take my photo when its not my mum :3
      i love my bag so much, a lot of my friends judged me but i earned all that money myself and i love it more because like you said, it's so rewarding!
      thanks hun c:

  6. I would love to have your wardrobe (with all the clothes in it xD) because your style rocks! And your dad is stylish too naww x) PS. The bag is gorgeous

    Replied to your comment on my blog by the way :)

  7. Haha your dad is much cooler than mine, at least sartorially! ;) I love that you have so much fun with fashion and mix up your different styles/tastes and pieces to whatever suits your mood or the occasion. That's what fashion is all about to me anyway - expression and fun. I was similarly obsessed with the Alexander Wang bag when it first hit the scene a few years ago - but I think I was put off by how heavy it was with the studs. I saw it in real life in a few department stores when I went to the US last year and it is absolutely gorgeous though.