DIY Studding Part I

After buying a heap of studs on eBay, i've been spicing spiking up a few items in my wardrobe. I started off with my elephant print shirt (as seen in this post - i also added a studs on the cuffs which was inspired by this Zara shirt). 
In the days between finishing my exam and leaving for Hong Kong, i studded these:

shorts: H&M, top: Forever 21

My friend and i bought this same shirt when we were shopping in HK and it wasn't until we were paying when we realised. Now, i've made it my own!
I'm really pleased with how everything has turned out so far c: I still have a few things i wanted to stud so this is only part I.
Have you ever studded any of your clothes?




  1. Ooh yes I was meant to buy some studs from eBay ages ago but I totally forgot.. another to add to the list of things to do after exams!! Yours look great.
    Hope you're having a fab time in HK!

  2. Hi! What size studs did you get?

    1. Hi there! i'm not sure, i just searched studs on eBay and bought a pack of 100