anyone who listens is gonna get theirs when the water floods down, into the rabbit hole

shirt: asos, necklace + gold hair cuff + arm cuff: h&m, rabbit ring: hong kong, shorts: h&m (DIY studding), belt: UNIQLO, socks: topshop, shoes: jeffery campbell

I am such a sucker for all things gold and chunky. I went into H&M and came out with nothing but jewellery. I actually couldn't find any clothing i liked. In fact, everything i'm wearing in this OOTD is old except the gold accessories. I need to go jewelry shopping though, i have a lack of jewelry here and even I'm getting bored. More rings and necklaces please! To be honest, i don't really wear much of arm bling. Mainly because, on my left arm, i have my jade bangle which i can't take off and i don't like pairing bracelets with the bangle. And I usually wear my watch on my right arm.
Everytime i wear my Litas here, i tower over everyone, it's a sweet change c:

What jewelry trends are you into at the moment and what are your favorite places to shop for jewelry? 




  1. You are seriously cute. I love the outfit!