i want to buy you flowers, it's such a shame you're a boy

I don't know if it's the weather or my new hair but my sense of fashion has been extra girly lately and it's kind of fun. My wardrobe is all about pastels these holidays, i'm really taking advantage of the mini summer i get to have.

dress: market, necklace: imyourpresent, wedges: plata, watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs, ring + Birkin-copy bag: Hong Kong, nail polish: Essie Cocktail Bling

Straw-weaved wedges are so big at the moment and they come in all different colors and forms. I picked up these ones the other day and i think they're just so perfect for anything and everything c: The color is so lovely with all my dresses and skirts and they're so comfortable (i put them to the test when i went shopping in them for an entire day).

Also, I'm now on lookbook; check out my profile here and if you have an account, put your link down below and i'll check you out c:




  1. This is such a cute bag haha. I thought it was an actual birkin at first glance and wow your hair is gorgeous.