Etude House Look at Me Eyeshadows (Swatch + Review)

My mum recently came back from a short trip to Hong Kong and Seoul and while I will be sharing some of the beauty bits she picked up, this is by far my favorite item that she bought. This is an Etude House custom quad that she put together and my, does my mum have taste?!
Korean brands such as Etude House has always delivered products with great quality and price, but the quality of these eyeshadows completely BLEW. ME. AWAY! I was in no way prepared for that and I don't think you are either.

The worst part though? My mum threw away all the relevant packaging so I have no way to know for sure what any of the shades are!!! T_T 
These eyeshadows are part of a 3 line range from Etude House called Look at My Eyes: There is the Regular Look at My Eyes, Look at My Eyes Café and lastly Look at My Eyes Jewel. I'm not entirely sure what the difference between the 3 lines are, I know the Jewel line is a bit more sparkly and most of the Cafe line are matte shades. 

I did a lottttttt of research though (swatch photos/videos) and I tried my best to narrow down the shades but it was really hard, these are my best guesses but I'm not positive - Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
  1. WH901 (Look at My Eyes Jewel) Based on this swatch and this Etude House Tutorial
  2. The second gold/copper shade was the one I'm most unsure about. I'm torn as to whether it is BR401 - based on this swatch video and this one. Or BR402 (Normal, not café as there is a color in the café line with the same color name?!) - based on this swatch. Or BR405/BR407 based on this photo. It was seriously the hardest one to pinpoint and I'm not sure if this color is still available :c
  3. PK006 (Look at My Eyes Jewel, not Café) Based on the website swatch, this blog post and this swatch.
  4. BR402 (Look at My Eyes Café) Based on this swatch, this blog post
Like I said, these are only my best guesses after doing a lot of browsing online. I wish they had a better name system instead of color codes which they use across the whole makeup brand. Everyone's swatches came out differently too so it was really difficult but I did my best! They always release new and limited shades as well, some colors are no longer available.
This is a look I wore twice in the last week using the first, second and forth shades in the quad:
The quality and pigmentation in all 4 shadows were amazing, so I think their other eyeshadows from this line would be worth checking out if you have the chance or if you want to purchase online. Etude House ships internationally now and their prices along with their shipping costs are more than decent!
p.s. My work family was so sweet and bought me a ringlight as part of my birthday present a couple of months ago to encourage me to blog more. This was my first time photographing a makeup look on it. What do you think?! I'm still getting used to the ring appearing in the pupils but otherwise I love the results!

My mum has opened my eyes to the eyeshadows form this brand, I know I will definitely be visiting the Etude House store in Hong Kong when I'm there next in 3 weeks. If you guys are interested, I'll try and swatch all the shades in store and share some swatches with you either on here or on twitter (@statuschlo) or on snapchat (chloe_e) so you can have a better idea of how the eyeshadows look in real life! Let me know if that is something you might be keen on c:

Have you tried any of the Look at Me Eyeshadows from Etude House? Or what are some of your favourite products from this brand?



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