Alexander Wang Large Fumo Wristlet from Cult Status (Review)

I've been on the lookout for a new wallet for about a year because I was using basically a pencilcase/pouch and that meant that I would fill it with a bunch of crap and receipts. I probably had over 30 loyalty cards which was ridiculous coz I'm only really loyal to a handful of stores HAHA 
I wanted something black, leather and timeless but didn't want a style that was too boring. I also didn't want anything with a massive logo. My last 2 wallets had been continental wallets so I was really getting over the long silhouette. 

The Alexander Wang Fumo first caught my eye when they brought it out last year in a black leather with a brass gold but I was really hoping that they would release one with pale gold because that is the colorway of my Rocco and I thought it'd be super cute if it was matchy. But I love the wallet way too much to miss out on it again and I seriously needed a wallet asap rocky so I settled for the Rose Gold which I've really grown to love (and I definitely prefer this over the brass gold). 
When the main zip is opened, you are faced with 4 compartments, I tried taking a photo of it but it was really difficult so here's one taken off the internet:
The dividers of the very middle section, doubles up as 4 vertical cardholders. This is where I keep my 4 most used cards: Driver's license, bank card, credit card, and my public transportation card. 
All my cash notes and other important cards go in the middle (e.g. Medicare, health insurance card, other bank cards etc).
On either sides of the vertical cardholders, I keep my most used loyalty cards - stores on one side (e.g. Myer One, Mecca Cosmetica, Flybuys, Riot, Priceline) and  food places on the other (e.g. Coffee places, Bubble cup cards, Boost card).
On one of the sides, there is an extra side pocket, I keep some polaroids of my loved ones there with some tough bandaids. 
On the outside zips on either sides, I keep my change. I don't like carrying coins so if I get any change, I will put it in the zips but once I get to my car, I will empty it into my coin pouch for carpark change.
The site I ordered off was Cultstatus. I initially saw it on Farfetch and while my past experiences with Farfetch has been more than pleasant (incredibly fast DHL shipping, able to source it from different stores that stock the product therefore be able to pick the lowest price if more than one boutique has it), it actually worked out to be cheaper on Cult Status (located in Perth) even with shipping. They used TNT and the wallet literally arrived in 2 days. 

I love my wallet so much, I've been using it for nearly 2 months now and I'm so happy with it in every way. I love the size, how all the compartments are divided and of course how it looks. I like that it's very recognisable even without the logo being plastered everywhere. 

What wallet are you currently using? Are you due for a new wallet? What's on your cheeky wishlist?




  1. Ah this is so cute! I love the rose gold, and the texture of the leather! I recently bought a new 'wallet', one of those small mimco pouches and I'm really liking it! I like that I can fit my phone in it too :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. What a classy looking wristlet c: it looks like a handy
    storage for all kind of cards! Xx

  3. i loveeee the fumo! have been tossing around as to get it or not for the longest time ever and have so far been able to resist.

    Glad to hear how practical it is!

  4. Also, yay for cult status :D

  5. The mimco pouches are so timeless! I remember girls used to use the bigger ones as pencilcases at my high school too! I could have fit an iPhone 5 in this wallet but unfortunately I upgraded to the 6 and it doesn't fit but I can live with that haha!

  6. Yes i love that it has a wristlet, so handy!

  7. I loved it when I saw it online but now actually using it and doing a review for it, I've really come to appreciate the design of the compartments! I've fallen in love with it even more. Cult Status is awesome!

  8. Do you know if it will fit iPhone 6?

  9. Cult Status is my fav store its so chic and beautiful every time I shop in there. How gorgeous are these AW pouches?! I need to start using mine more often its been sitting in my cupboard for too long. How does your iphone 6 fit inside of it? I always pop my 5s in it and now that I'll be upgrading eventually I am hoping it will still fit inside.

  10. Love this bag! Looks so fancy :0)