Beauty Essentials In My Bag

The title of this post was originally "What's in my makeup bag" but I decided to change it when I realised I actually only carried a few makeup items! :P
If I'm not carrying a tiny purse for the day, you'll most definitely find this little pouch in my handbag. It contains all the "beauty" essentials that I might need when I am on-the-go so I thought I would share what's inside with you all today:

♡ MUFE Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation (full review here)
♡ A versatile MLBB lipstick // Dior Lip Glow
♡ A lipbalm (not pictured, as I keep it in my wallet)
♡ A small spray bottle of J'Adore Dior
♡ Tony Moly Hello Bunny Perfume Bar in Bebe Powder
♡ Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer
♡ Bobby pins and spiral hairties
♡ A nail clipper
♡ Hayfever tablets and painkillers
♡ A Sharpie

I actually rarely touch-up or reapply anything once I am out of the house but 3 makeup bits that I always carry with me are my MUFE Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation compact, a lipbalm and a MLBB lipstick. My favorite MLBB lip product for the last few months has been my Dior Lip Glow. It feels nourishing, gives my lips a cute glossy pink tint and a plump appearance. That doesn't mean that I don't have a bunch of other lip products in my bag too though!
I always carry a small spray bottle (from Muji) of my signature scent J'Adore Dior but because my perfume is so expensive, sometimes it's not worth the spritz e.g. at work. The Tony Moly Hello Bunny Perfume Bar is a good alternative for when I want to freshen up but don't want to waste my perfume. It smells like baby powder which I love, reminds me of fresh and clean laundry.
I love hand sanitizers but I hate the clinical smell of them so when my cousin sent me a heap of these mini Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizers, I was over the moon! They smell incredible. My favorite scent out of all the ones I've tried is the Island Margarita one.
Hairties and Bobbi Pins are a must for those times when I just want my hair out of my face!! These spiral hairties are the best because they don't tug/hurt at all and they don't leave kinks which is a massive pet peeve of mine. I wear them as a bracelet on my wrist sometimes too.
I don't know if it's silly that I carry a nail clipper with me but when I get a splinter or if my nail chips/breaks when I am out, I basically cannot function and that is all I can think about until I remove the predicament.
I don't get Hayfever on a daily basis but I always make sure I have some Hayfever tablets, just in case as well as Panadol/Nurofen. I keep my painillers in my adorable Sailor Moon compact mirror that doubles up as a pill case. 
Last but not least, I always have a Sharpie with me, I don't know how that ended up in there but it always comes in handy at work. I also love labelling things haha!

And finally, if you were wondering...
The Sailor Moon pill case is from Rosy's Garden, I absolutely love this online store. The seller stocks so many authentic and cute Japanese goodies from brands such as Amuse and limited edition Sailor Moon merchandise. My makeup bag is from a Japanese brand called San-X, I purchased it from Amazon because I am obsessed with these bunny characters.

Hope that you enjoyed taking a peek in my makeup pouch! 

Do you carry more/less/any makeup with you on-the-go?

What's in your makeup bag? If you did a post, link me so I can have a look ^^




  1. i absolutely ADORE your little pouch chloe, it is srsly so cute ! also i need to get my hands on one of those muji spray bottles (can't wait til they open up in syd ! :D)

  2. Wow, everything is so cute!

    Your skincare app -

  3. Thanks Millie :3 I can't resist cute things! The Muji bottle is super handy when I'm travelling or just want touch ups during the day!