A dose of cuteness for you: Rosy's Garden

I mentioned Rosy's Garden briefly in this post but I realised I owned so much stuff from her store so I wanted to show you guys some of the adorable things I have accumulated since discovering her store 2-3 years ago.
I first stumbled across her eBay store when I was scouring every website for the Arpakasso alpaca plushes because they were not as accessible as now (although the net is flooded with fakes ones these days) and she had just started selling them at the time.
These are only some of my beloved Arpakassos I got from her store. On the left hanging is a yellow pouch in the shape of an Arpakasso, I have those pouches in 4 colors and I keep my harddrive, portable charger and various cords in them:

It's amazing to see how much her business has bloomed in the last few years but the best thing is, her product selection is getting better and better!! This is my most recent haul from Rosy's Garden:
The company that makes the Arpakassos, "Amuse Inc", has come out with a bunch of new characters based on other animals. My favorite is Roppi the lop-earred bunny, completely up my alley!! How cute is the mini one? You might have seen it attached to my makeup pouch in this post. The photo below, is a giant Roppi bunny backpack! So soft and adorable, I don't want to get it dirty!
This next one is the newest character and a close second favorite: the Koro Koron Hamster. I literally cannot not handle how cute this chubby hamster is!!! oh my god! I'm not even a hamster person but I am so in love! Look at the tiny one with its squinty eyes. DEAD.
This here is Wooly the Ram, I don't really like sheep/rams that much but he's a cutie in the form of a plushie too! This doubles up as a pouch which I use it for carpark coins:
Some of my favorite things that Rosy stocks in her store are her Sailor Moon merchandise. OHHHH BOY. If you grew up watching and loving Sailor Moon as much as I did, this is going to get you so excited! 
She was one of the first sellers to sell the Miracle Romance line of cosmetics that celebrated the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon, and not for an extorted price either. I pre-ordered the first powder compact with her in 2013 and she was able to get it directly from Japan. I can't even bring myself to use the powder but I just keep it on my vanity table.
I've seen Sasa in Hong Kong stock some of the products from this makeup line, but never the compacts. They're releasing another one soon!
Rosy also stocks heaps of cool Gachapon toys. Gachapons are vending machines in Asia that dispense toys in a capsule and they're nornally collectables because once they are released and they sell out, that's it. In Japan, they get the most awesome sets but it's not always readily available in other parts of Asia or the world. 
This set is one of my favorites of all time. This is a set of Sailor Moon compacts that have mirrors on the inside and double up as a pill case. Yep, sound familiar? You might have seen it here!

I seriously love Rosy's Garden, everything it has to offer so much and not to mention, the seller as well. I am so fond of all the experiences I've ever had with the store and the seller and that's why I really wanted to share it with you guys. She has an amazing eye for products. She will only stock things that she genuinely loves. All her products are 100% authentic and she is such an honest seller.
She truly loves what she does and she's such a hard worker. She runs the entire operation by herself and she puts so much effort in the entire process from start to finish. 
She goes shopping for special cute wrapping and she individually wraps all the products you buy.

I love that she doesn't only stock plushes, there's only so much you can do with a soft toy but so many things I have from her store have multi-usages making them gimmicky things that are actually useful!




  1. Eeeeee so cute! I love the big Roppi, it looks sooooo soft. *squishes*

  2. Omggggg CUTENESS OVERLOAD I CANNOT HANDLE. I need the Roppi backpack in my life - THE BLUSHING CHEEKS *le dead*. The sailor moon makeup is perfffff, oh the mems.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. Ahhh! How freaking gorgeous and cute! I LOVE that sheep toy! I've always been and still am a lover of sheepy looking toys! And those compacts are sooo damn awesome! Just something about the over done jewels and heroine cartoon design that make me want one! I don't think it's childish at all!

  4. I knowwww I love it but not sure if i'm game enough to wear it out haha!

  5. Mum keeps telling me to grow up but I just love cute things :3

  6. I'm loving all the merchandise that is coming out for the Sailormoon anniversary, such a big part of my childhood.

  7. OMG sailor moon is my fav haha! And those little hamsters are just adorable!!! Makes me miss my old toys that my niece has now claimed :(

  8. Haha me too! Makes me so nostalgic. At least your toys are getting lots of loving still and you can still see it being played with :)