Anniversary Dinner

Hey lovelies! Today is just a quick post on the look I wore on Tuesday for my boyfriend and I's anniversary dinner! I am sorry if this week has been a bit "coupley" on here, it's just because my boyfriend's birthday and our yearly anniversary falls only a week apart!

For the face I used the following products:
♡ NARS Sheer Glow in Fiji
♡ NARS Creamy Concealer in Vanilla
♡ Dabbed in with a RT Miracle Complexion Sponge
♡ MUFE Aqua Brow in #15
♡ Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, in the shade Fawn
♡ MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Redhead
♡ Benefit Watts Up
MAC Glass Slipper on the lips
After I dropped my Lorac Mega Pro Palette not once but twice, I stopped using it for a while in fear that I would drop it again (but also because I died a bit every time I opened it and saw the smashed shadows) but my boyfriend nagged me to go back to it, telling me "You love that palette!!!" 
And I'm so glad I did because I am reminded of how amazing it is and like he said, just how much I love it even if it is a bit beaten up.
Lately I've really been enjoying burnt coppery shades, maybe it's the weather getting cooler but I also like how it compliments the rooty look of my hair and the color of my brows. "Sienna" is a shimmery redtoned brown that works perfectly on its own as an all over shade but still provides a beautiful and multi-dimensional look. I also used a light frosty shade for inner corners but I can't remember whether I used "Vanilla" or "Opal" or a combination of both.
I didn't intend for my eyeliner to be that thick but it was just one of those things where I was having a bad eyeliner day and the more I tried to make it symmetrical, the thicker the line got but then it turned out okay and I actually liked the outcome :P 
We dressed up again because it's a special occasion :3 The boy went shopping for a new outfit but sneaky me, I found a dress in my wardrobe which I bought in HK 2 years ago from Forever 21 on sale *cheeky monkey emoji*
I didn't get a photo of my outfit again (good job Chloe) but I wore a citrus-colored, wrapover, mullet dress. Is there a nicer name for these kinds of dresses/skirts because it's actually a cute cut but I hate the name. I actually really like this color, might try and invest in a few more pieces of the same color.

We went for dinner at a French restaurant I love and it made me really nostalgic of the year I spent in France. I didn't take any photos because I just wanted to enjoy the night and the restaurant had pretty dim lighting anyway but it was such a lovely night.

Now I need your help! Of the few highlighters I have, the majority of them are powders with the exception of Benefit Watts Up which is not creamy enough/just too beige for my liking. I find that it looks amazing on tanner/darker complexions but on me it's pretty average. 

I am currently on the lookout for a liquid/cream highlighter that will give more of a bright, gleamy glow to my cheeks rather than a bronzey/rosy hue. Also, one with more of a refined sheen rather than being overly glittery/shimmery.
Please hit me up with recommendations! 




  1. You look gorgeous, love the eye makeup especially and your brows are perfect :) I'm on the lookout for a highlighter too, although I'm looking for a powder instead! The only liquid highlighter I have is Sunbeam by Benefit, which I got a little sample of in some kit. It is quite nice but has a more warmer and golden hue to it. What do you think of High Beam? The NARS Multiples are gorgeous- they have the loveliest texture but I'm not sure if they have any good highlighter shades! What powder highlighter do you recommend which is not too over the top? I have The Balm's Mary-Lou Manizer which is amazing but not really for everyday use!

  2. aww congrats on the anniversary you guys ! you look absolutely stunning chloe :) your make up is flawless ! as for highlighters, i currently use the nars illuminator in copacabana and it is super beautiful !! it's towards the pink-y side of highlighters but when it sits on your skin it just gives a really nice/healthy/dewy glow and it doesn't look pink at all !

  3. Looking SO GOOOD GURL! Gah, in love with your eyeliner tho! Your hair is adorable too hehe :) Oooh, for highlighter recs, I'm totally obsessed with Topshop Glow pot - there are two shades, a more rosey gold (gleam, which I have) and another more silvery one. Not glittery, but gives the most gorgeous, almost 'wet' sheen to the cheeks! Depending how much you apply hehe :P

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. Oh happy Anniversary! That's really lovely that those two dates are so close! My boyfriend's birthday is actually about a month before ours! Love your simple but gorgeous look, your winged eyeliner is soooo on point and I love that subtle lip color! The dress is so pretty too! So classy looking, not to mention that soft yellow color is seriously trendy right now! Glad to know you two had a lovely private night! We plan to celebrate our anniversary early when we go to Bali in 10 days time! WEEEE! From all I've heard, if you're willing to pay more, everyone, I MEAN EVERYONE who owns Becca's powder highlighting powders shades they are worth every penny and have the most beautiful finish and colors for highlights. Do check them out!

  5. You look amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing guuuurl. Couldn't find a single flaw even if I tried.
    Can't help on the cream/liquid highlighter front unfortunately. I tend to stick to powders too. I do have Benefit High Beam which is okay but I haven't used it in ages cos it was taking too much time in the morning to faff around with liquid products (making sure I didn't use too much blah blah blah). Actually I also have the cream highlighter from LUMA Cosmetics which is quite nice and really affordable so maybe give it a swatch to see if you like it!

  6. Gorgeous!!! love everything from the dress, the eye make up, the hair etc etc! :D
    Congrats on the anniversary <3

  7. Thank you :3 I actually really need to get my brows done, they're getting a bit hairy haha! I only have a couple of highlighters (some are from palettes), I don't have High Beam but I have Watts Up which is more like a cream than a liquid? I've never really been a highlighter girl so I don't think I can make any recommendations :/ I've heard so much about Mary Lou Manizer!

  8. Thank you Millie! You always have such kind words! Oh Copacabana is on my shortlist too! I'm actually thinking of going to my local Mecca (makeup store if you're not in Aus) tomorrow so I might get them to pop some on me :3

  9. Thanks Tasha <3 Oh yes I've heard you talk about the Topshop one! I have to go check it out! How perfect that the name of it is Gleam too!

  10. I was struggling so hard with my liner that night, but as I made it thicker and thicker, it eventually got there haha!
    Funny that when I bought the dress, that color wasn't even trendy yet! I love it though .
    OMG GURL what a way to celebrate your anniversary, I'm so jealous! Hope to see some beautiful photos.
    Becca is at the top of my shortlist but I don't know where to get it! Might have to resort to online but heaps of online retailers have sold out of the color i'd want (Moonstone).

  11. gurl you flatter me! <3 I used to never be bothered with liquid products either but lately I've been loving a more skin-like finish for my base! Thanks for the rec, I'll go check out the Luma!

  12. you look amazing chloe!!!! such flawless hair and makeup. and LOVE seeing the arty ring being rocked still! x

  13. Thanks Amanda! I know the "trend" is sort of over but I still love my arty ring to death! Thanks for stopping by :)