Inglot Eyeshadow #341 (Swatch + Review)

A few weeks ago, I came across swatches for the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette and while the shade "Nougat"  jumped out at me, the rest of the palette didn't wow me. The dupe lists on Temptalia are always so helpful for this sort of thing.
I have never set foot inside Inglot despite having previously come across many reviews of their eyeshadows and freedom palettes. Their lack of shade names - only product numbers, and their extensive range was always intimidating and off putting for me. #341 however, was one of the dupes listed for "Nougat" so I went in there with the sole purpose of checking out this one color, and it came home with me.

#341 is a matte pinky-peach. The formula of the eyeshadow is quite soft and goes on smoothly, the color payoff is pigmented and true to the color in the pan. It's only the tiniest bit crumbly - when I dip my brush into the pan, the powder gathers a little from brushing against it but I have no issues with fallout and it stays put the whole day with an eye primer (I never go without eye primer so I can't comment on how it would fare without primer).

I have been obsessed with pink eyeshadows for the last 4 months and ever since picking this up a month ago, it has been my go-to everyday eyeshadow. I love using it all over for a simple and clean look but it also works perfectly as a crease/transition shade. While this may seem like a boring color, it translates beautifully on the eyelid and really brightens up my face. It's such a wearable nude shade that is far from dull and very work-appropriate too.
I don't have a heap of single eyeshadow pans but for the rare few that I have, I keep them in my Unii palette and this is where my #341 now resides.
For my first Inglot eyeshadow, I'm pretty impressed! I absolutely love this color, I've already gotten so much wear out of it and can see this becoming a staple shade for me. I've also tried this out as a blush and it works just as well.
I wish Inglot's naming system was a little more interesting though, their product names just don't stick to the memory at all!

How do you feel about pink eyeshadows? Have you tried anything from Inglot? 




  1. Such a beautiful colour on you, super flattering with your skin tone and hair! I have only one Inglot shadow but it's pretty solid quality. I'm actually really loving the Too Faced Semi Sweet palette - the mattes are really versatile and I'm very much drawn to the warmer shade range :)

  2. That's a really pretty colour! It reminds me of one of the shades in the Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette and I've been wanting a bigger pan of that :D

    Your Unii palette is adorable by the way!

  3. Ahhhh!!! Love that shade, it's so perfect for the lid and for the cheeks on our complexion! We have our first free standing inglot store in singapore now, it's been open for about a year I believe? But I've yet to bring myself to purchase anything because I totally plan to do a giant haul in the near future! I would love to own some of their 'rainbow' pan shadows! Ugh! i get all happy thinking of them! I do love pinky eyeshadows, both the subtle and the more bright/bold ones on the lids!

  4. Thanks Lena! I actually need to go into Mecca and give this palette a whiff, does it really smell like chocolate?!

  5. Inglot is seriously awesome for single shade dupes! Thanks!

  6. I can imagine you coming out with a bunch of colors if you went into Inglot! I feel like you would defs get your use out of it though, you're so experimental with your makeup! Their rainbow pans are such a good idea, its like a mini palette hehe.

  7. I'm in love with this shade - I love a good peachy warm brownish pink shade especially for a good transitional shade between your shadows or even just all over the lids. It looks so beautiful on your and paired with that winged liner - simple but perfection!! :) We use to have an Inglot stand here in Perth but they shut down a couple years ago I was so sad because I really enjoyed their products.

  8. Hildegerd HaugenMay 23, 2015 at 1:25 AM

    Chloe: What do lip colour is it that you are wearing?

  9. Yes I totally agree! This color is perfect for when I don't want too much going on on the eyelids but I don't want to leave it with no color either.
    Sucks about Inglot closing! If you ever need anything, lemme know :)
    This is the only thing I own from Inglot, do you have any recommendations of other products I should check out?

  10. Hi there! I'm so so sorry but I can't remember D:
    I think it might have been the auto lip pencil from the korean brand Etude House though, in the color 01 but I'm not positive!

  11. Hildegerd HaugenJune 19, 2015 at 1:21 AM

    Ok, thank you for answering.