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I can't remember my last high-end nail varnish purchase but since acquiring the Dior Nail Vernis in #294 Lady, it has not left my fingertips. The color doesn't seem that revolutionary in a glance but at first application, it was love. This is a gorgeous dusty light pink-nude, the perfect neutral that is worthy of its name. I've tried photographing it so many times but photos just don't do it justice!
It is basically opaque on the first coat but I like to apply at least 2 just to even it out. While the flat brush made it very easy to work with; the formula is very creamy, I have to be careful not to apply too much with each layer or it can get gloopy and streaky otherwise.
Excuse my terrible on-hand swatch. My nails are frail after getting acrylics in Asia in January and I'm still growing them out!
I don't know if I've ever really shared my love for sneakers that much on my blog but if I've never said anything, here it is now: I love sneakers! I work in a sneaker store as well but not all the kicks I buy are from there. I go through months where I buy numerous pairs of shoes but I also go through consecutive months where nothing catches my eye. This month was not the latter...
I've always been a bit on the fence about the Reebok Insta Pump Furys because while I liked the shoe, there was never a colorway that made me want them...until this one. I missed out on these babies when they were initially released last year and have been looking for them ever since and my friend in HK was able to track down a pair for me when an independent sneaker store restocked. I am eternally grateful. The color combination is just me to a T.
Also copped this month were my Nike Huaraches in Black/White which I got from work. I love Huaraches and this is my second pair. I wasn't blown away by this colorway at first since it's pretty generic but I figured it'd be a good staple to have, can't really go wrong with black/white Nikes. If you follow me on instagram (@chloe_e), then you wold have seen that I got my brother a matching pair too haha! For future references, if you do find yourself looking at a pair of huaraches, make sure that you buy 1 size up from your normal size as these fit super snug!
After looking for a wallet for ages, I have finally bought one! Keep an eye out for a review post. 
I was super excited to try this mascara after seeing it on countless videos and blogs before it finally hitting shores in Australia. I haven't quite made up my mind how I feel about it... I was sort of underwhelmed and disappointed when I first tried it but I think it has grown on me. It makes my lashes quite clumpy and I'm not sure if that's what the "manga" eyes are supposed to achieve. I like my lashes looking voluminous and long but not clumpy. The black is incredibly rich though, which I can appreciate.
Wow, I have never even set foot in Inglot before 2 weeks ago. I've always been intimidated by their huge eyeshadow range and their lack of names for them. I picked up my first eyeshadow from them and lets just say that I'm impressed! Again, there will be a review coming soon!
Lastly, my boyfriend seriously spoiled me with this Rose Gold deluxe set from GHD! It's funny, I went to a girls high school where every girl and her dog had a GHD and I used to kind of envy them even though my hair is dead straight and I had no need whatsoever for a straightener. They just came in such sleek and funky packaging!
I recently lost my straightener (don't ask me how, I'm wondering the same thing) and my mum and I always fight over the only hair dryer in the house so this set filled a void that I didn't even know existed! I can't really review this because I don't know much about hair appliances but I will say that the hairdryer is super quiet compared to my old dryer, which is amazing, but doesn't sacrifice on power. And since cutting my hair short, my preferred method of styling is to krimp my hair in large sections with a straightener and the GHD straightener does the job! I only wish that there was temperature control on it because my hair is quite bleached. My hairdresser recommended using a lower heat on it but the GHD only has one temperature setting. The exterior is absolutely stunning though, I'm a lucky girl! I've never owned any hair appliances as fancy as this!

Happy Easter Everyone, hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable long weekend! How cute are these donuts that my boyfriend just brought over :3




  1. Lady is absolutely gorgeous!

    I was incredibly close to getting the GHD set because of the rose gold colour but I kept telling myself 'you have a perfectly functioning hair straightener and hairdryer at home!' LOL. Totally regretting it because it looks so gorgeous in your photos!

  2. Nom nom, those donuts look scrumptious! Lovely pickups though! The nude nail polish looks so delicate and sophisticated. I'm actually wearing a nude from OPI right now and it's such a departure from my usual colours, but I'm really liking it! I keep meaning to make up an Inglot palette (just a quad or something) since they opened a stand here recently, but I'm so overwhelmed with all the shades!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. Oh great stuff! I would love that nail color! It's so feminine, springy and perfect for any occassion. Jealous of that hair styling set, ghd has some of the most awesome looking and great quality styling products! Sorry to hear about your nails still being frail, I've never had acrylics done but I've heard from friends about how their nails suffer at times. Happy Easter to you! The donuts look great and I'm thinking of buying a couple now from krispy kreme!

  4. yay !! love reading haul posts and yours was full of delightful goodies ! the nail polish is absolutely stunning on you and the pastel colours on those reeboks are INSANE !!! ps your doggie is such a cutie !! xxx

  5. It really is! Yeh, I don't think I could justify buying the set if I already had both items!

  6. I've really been leaning towards these nudey shades lately, I have 3 on rotation! Thinking of doing a post soon on dusty pinks I'm currently loving!
    That's exactly how I feel about Inglot! I always see people buying some beautiful shades though, I did my research for this particular color before I went in though!

  7. It really is, I had a moment of clarity when I first applied it, it filled a void i didn't even know existed!!
    I knew the consequences of getting my nails done but I couldn't pass up the opportunity for some mad-as nails in Asia haha!
    Happy Easter to you too Sharlynn c:

  8. Haul posts are so much fun, both to read and to compile. I do feel guilty when I write these posts though :3
    I am a huge pastel lover hehe.
    Thank you though! My dog's name is Cookie

  9. Nice haul c:
    The color 'Lady' is really beautiful ^_^
    And dang, look at this sneaker! It looks
    so ermm... alien-ish in a good way :P

  10. I am SOOOOO glad you finally got your hands on Lady, seriously everyone is hunting for that shade now haha it's so funny how word can spread around so fast. I think it looks just stunning on anyone and it is the perfect everyday shade. I could wear it non stop! That GHD set is just amazing, I have the same GHD but in the shade wonderland. It is sooo pretty and seriously can never go wrong with GHD. I thought it was so cute when you mentioned you and your mum fight over the hair dryer I remember the days when I sue to share with my mum and it was such a pain until I got my own it was bliss ever since hahah. I have the AW fumo pouch, i haven't used it in ages!!! you just inspired me to bring it back out from the cupboard hehe it is soooo versatile and you can seriously fit so much in it. Some times I just take that out with me and it holds my phone, cards, cash, lipstick, a few keys!!!! AHHHH so beautiful xx

  11. Thanks Mei! Haha yeh! They are definitely a bit different, it took me finding the perfect colorway to appreciate the shoe :P

  12. I was so close to buying it already and then seeing your post a few weeks ago just pushed me over the edge and I went into Myer the very next day! Glad I got in early since it seems to have sold out!
    I don't really know anything about GHDs but I just looked up the colorway you have and it looks mad!
    I live upstairs and my mum's room and bathroom are downstairs so the hairdryer used to always travel up and down and in between!
    I'm seriously in love with my Fumo! Missed out on it first time round because I couldn't decide how I felt about the shade of gold haha