Dior 5 Couleurs Mystic Metallics Eyeshadow Palette: Constellation 864 (Swatch + Review)

The moment i saw this on Temptalia, my facial expression went from my usual "chronic bitch face syndrome" expression t(┛◉Д◉) ┛ to ۶ (。♥‿♥。)۶  ☆★ and i'm not sure what i felt or looked like after, i was very overwhelmed with emotions. 

I don't own anything from Dior except my signature J'adore Dior perfume and a Dior Addict Lipstick. I've never been particularly drawn to the brand in the past because their packaging doesn't really appeal to me and I always associated the brand with older women. 
This fall however, part of their Mystic Metallic collection, they released 2 limited edition eyeshadow palettes that not only caught my eye but my heart too. 
I was going to ask my cousin in the States to order it for me but the moment i hesitated at the price tag, it sold out. I went into Myer to look at and swatch the palette in person and it only made me want it that much more but i wasn't prepared to pay $100+ AUD for it. So i asked my friend in HK to check the prices for me and she just spoiled me, really bad, for my birthday.

The quint I have is Constellation, a gorgeous purple toned palette with 5 eyeshadows. Four out of the five shades have stars embossed on them. If i'm being really honest, i think this was the game changer for me. This really added a touch of youth and cuteness to it :3 

1 - A muted grey toned lilac, Satin Finish (Top Left)
My favorite color in the palette. It looks super average in the pan but when applied, it's much more complex. It's so so so pretty all over the eyelids, I can see myself getting the most use out of this color. This shade had the best pigmentation out of all the colors. The texture was buttery smooth.
2 - A sparkly gold with silver sparkles, Metallic Finish (Top Right)
Wow that sounds like the most boring description for a really breathtaking shade. As the sparkliest shade in the palette, it was surprisingly smooth and without fallout. My problem with a lot of golds is that they always lean too yellow for my liking, not this though! This would jazz up any look, especially during the festive seasons ^^ I like using it on my inner corners and bottom lash line.
3 - A muted dark plum with a fine micro shimmer, Satin Finish (Bottom Right)
I think this is the most dupable color in the quint but works really nice with all the other colors. Great color payoff and the texture was soft and velvety.
4 - A dark shimmery purple with silver sparkles, Metallic Finish (Bottom Left)
This shade is slightly grittier in texture (most likely because of the glitter) than the other shades in the palette but still easily blendable. The pigmentation for this was really nice. I love using this shade on my lower lash line.
5 - Frosted pale pink (Centre)
There's a slight iridescence that makes this color really nice but this was probably the least impressive shade in the quint. It's really sheer but still has decent pigmentation, making it the perfect highlight shade. The texture of this is smooth.

The blue case that houses the palette is made of plastic and it comes with 2 applicators that i'll probably never use. I'm not all that impressed with the plastic casing but i guess it's very lightweight and travel friendly.
The longevity of the eyeshadows was impressive . I wore all 5 shades for 9 hours, i experienced no fallout and there was minimal fading. Nothing budged, even with the glitter shades.

Here's a really simple day time look i've been wearing lately, and really loving c:
I used 1 all over the eyelid, 2 in the inner corners, 3 in the outer v, 4 on the outer lower lashline, and 5 on the browbones.
Any one of these colors would look stunning on their own and together, they just work seamlessly without much thought.
Along with this palette, Dior also released the Bonne Etoile palette which is full of rich earthy tones with incredibly intense pigmentation. It is equally if not, more amazing than this palette however i felt that Constellation was the safer option and something that i would get more wear out of.
This is definitely the most beautiful palette i own, and one of the most beautiful eyeshadow palettes i've ever seen. It's quickly become one of my favorite palettes. I know it doesn't come cheap but you definitely get what you pay for with the quality of it. 
Thanks to its multidimensional shades,  i think it's something i can wear all year round.
I'm not entirely sure of the availability of these palettes because i heard they sold out almost immediately everywhere. However, last i checked, they're still available from Myers and David Jones.
Are you a fan of Dior cosmetics? If so, what are some of your favourite products by them? ^^




  1. Gorgeous palette :) and i love your hair xx


  2. Omg the palette is gorgeous!!
    I love the look you created with it =>
    I have also the 5er palette from Dior and and lip gloss but I find that they are not as great as it should be, you know with the steep price tag..
    But I am currently trying on their nude skin and forever foundation !

  3. This and the Bonne Etoile are getting so much hype right now (more so Bonne Etoile I think). It's crazy how the quint is $100+ in Australia - extortion on a whole new level. The shades are gorgeous on you though, and I think you'd be able to create a variety of looks from day to night. I don't wear much colour but I definitely favour purples over blues/greens - I think they really flatter Asian eyes :) I haven't tried much of Dior though J'Adore is one of my favourite perfumes (but I've never owned a bottle) and I only just picked up Amber Diamond after lusting over it for literally years. Also, THANK YOU so much for posting all those comments to my old posts - I was totally wowed by the fact you caught up and left so many comments. So sweet that you're such a loyal reader and took that time and effort - it really means a lot to me :)

  4. such a pretty palette ,, :) looks good on you.. !!
    i only owned dior lip glow,, i've been wanting their much raved amber diamond..

  5. indeed the palette has such pretty shades and pigmentation ^_~ loving the look you created =)

  6. yes it seems that everyone loves amber diamond! I'm worried it's too shimmery for me

  7. It's my absolute pleasure, i love love love your blog!
    I'm so flattered you read my blog and really grateful for your support as well :3
    Bonne Etoile is incredible but i just don't think i have the courage to wear those colors and get my money's worth.
    I have other perfumes apart from J'adore but i always find myself only reaching for this one, i bought my third bottle with my birthday money this time round ^^'

  8. I think after trying Burberry eyeshadows, it's hard to find eyeshadows that live up to them haha! I'm really curious about their BB cream and BB eye cream though!