Hong Kong + Trip Haul (Pic Heavy)

Alrighty, last of my travel posts. I have to seriously apologise...I feel so at home in HK, i can never be bothered to take my camera out LOL. During my 2 week stay in HK, i literally brought my camera out with me 3 times. BAD BLOGGER! so here's a mix of photos from my camera, my iPhone and my instagram.

Leading up to my trip, i already felt myself getting sick. My exam was the day before i left so when i landed, i was not well at all. I spent the next week resting at home and watching terrible HK tv. The second photo is my lovely view from my apartment and the third photo was one of my meals i had delivered to my door :3

Finally i was well enough to go out. I didn't want to shop too much before my trip to Korea so i spent most of my time just window shopping, appreciating being in such a hectic city and eating of course. Pictured above are my favorites of HK's most typical street foods, from my favorite vendor on Fa Yuen St - Fish Meat and Cabbage Soup, Siu Mai, Curry Fish Balls, Churn Fun (Think a giant sheet of noodle rolled up?) with Sesame Sauce and of course ICED LEMON TEA ^^ i'm drooling now just thinking about it wahh
This is by far one of my favorite stores to visit when i'm in HK. Think Ikea but for clothing. Everything is super minimalist but still really chic. It's from the same company as H&M but the quality is much better and the prices are only slightly more. I love getting my basics here.

This was one of my favorite buys from HK. When i saw it online a few months ago, i knew i had to have it. I went to my local Zara in Melbourne probably every 2 days for a month looking for it, but the staff were very unhelpful and couldn't tell me if or when they were getting it in.
In HK i looked in 4 Zaras, each time they told me that it was sold out and they even checked the computers for me. I had pretty much given up...then i went by a 5th Zara so i thought, why not, what do i have to lose. I couldn't believe it when they told me they had 1 left, i didn't even hesitate. I also picked up quite a few things from Zara Kids, it was such a steal!
This new 'snow ice' place opened around the corner from my grandma's house, we went after yum cha one day. It was SO GOOD and the perfect dessert for the hot weather c: 
Snow Ice is like really finely shaved ice but it's flavored and the texture is super soft and fluffy. 
One of my most frequented shopping malls in HK: Festival Walk. It's really confusing and there are escalators everywhere. 

Came across this strawberry bag when i was looking around with my mum. I was so tempted to buy it but it was the day before Korea so i told myself that i'd come back for it if i don't find anything better there.
I don't remember when i took this..i think i might have been sitting at the top tier of the double decker bus on the way to yum cha with my grandparents? I really enjoy these rides c:
Topshop opened in HK and i finally got to visit it ^^ I bought a pair of overalls, a pair of mum jeans, a cute denim babydoll dress and a brooch. They had some cute jewellery too but it wasn't cheap!
I think the cuisine i end up eating the most everytime i'm in HK is japanese food. I. LOVE. JAP. FOOD. Sushi, Bentos, Ramen/Udon, Jap BBQ, i love everything ^^
Lab Concept stocks heaps of international brands for clothing and shoes. They had Wildfox!! I tried on those poodle Jeremy Scotts for fun, they were so ridiculous, but fun. I ended up just picking a few things up from American Apparel because it was cheaper than in Melbourne (but still pretty pricey). 
Visited Hysan Place for the first time since it opened. It's really common for shopping centres in HK to spend loads of money on themed decorations. It's always very extravagant and changes throughout the year. They had some lovely french inspired decorations. The first photo is the view from their "Sky Garden", they also had a wall with the message "I Love You" written in many languages. It was a blackboard wall so it invited people to leave their own messages, here i am doing just that! 
Shopping in Causeway bay is a must. Next time i go back to HK, i promise i'll document it in more detail. But pictured above is a shop that sells solely cat themed things (perfect for a crazy cat lady like me) and Forever 21. All i bought at Forever 21 was jewellery, i find the quality of the clothing too cheap :c
The entrance area to my apartment. I just thought it looked really nice. There's a bridge over the outdoor pool and it reminds me of the Venetian. 
On the way to the airport to go to Seoul! I really like this photo for some reason. 

I love going to the hairdressers in HK, it's always such a treat and the service is tip top. The one i go to is in Central. And as always i have an iced lemon tea in front of me.
For my hair color, I wanted to go green but i wasn't fully committed and still loved my blue so i kept both...after re-bleaching my hair. My poor hair. 
Look how blonde i was!! Kind of considering going full blonde, what do you think? 
That reminds me, if you haven't heard, Priceline is doing a 40% off all haircare products for today and tomorrow only! So if your hair needs a bit of lovin', now's the time!
My dad and I have a massive sweet tooth, late night dessert runs happen very often. My dad prefers fruity desserts rather than Asian sweet soupy desserts. It's more refreshing for summer anyway. 

This was the dress i got from Topshop, it's made out of the comfiest material ^^ I added a bunny brooch that i bought in Korea on the pocket, it's so cute. 
You might remember seeing a couple of photos on my instagram from my high tea at the Ritz Carlton. The setting was just beautiful and the view was breathtaking. Pictured above is the entrance to the underground tunnel that goes across harbour, i thought it looked pretty cool because you just see all these cars disappearing into it.

Look how delicate the desserts are! The food was okay, there were some really yummy cakes and finger sandwiches but some of them was just too much for me and i couldn't handle it. (I think there was a coffee foie gras finger sandwich from memory?)
I went with my best friend in HK and while she goes on all these adventures with me and we take lots of selfies, she has asked politely to not be featured on the blog so i respected that c:
That same friend  went to Japan right before i came back to HK and she came back with so many goodies for me. She knows me well :3
My flight was very very very early in the morning and my dad couldn't be bothered to drop me off so he SENT ME OFF IN A CAB LOL. 
My view when i landed in Melbourne the same night.

And now..... THE HAUL!
This was everything i purchased during this trip ^
The jewellery i picked up. I wanted some dainty rings and found a heap of them at Forever 21 for really cheap! My favorite out of everything though, have to be my raccoon ring, the elephant brooch from Topshop and the eagle hair comb.
Bought quite a few bags on this trip and surprisingly no shoes! That doesn't sound like me...
There's my bunny pin from Korea making an appearance again, this time on my American Apparel tote bag. The doggy backpack was so random, i really didn't need it but it was only $10AUD so i was like i have to buy it!! I might just give it to Charlie. As you can see i went back for my strawberry bag :3 I love the clear satchel, you can use it with just one strap or make it into a backpack with 2 straps! Also really happy i finally got myself a perspex clutch.
The make up from Seoul and HK. Many reviews on the way for you ^^
And this is super random as well but it was one of my favorite purchases so it deserved its own photo. This is a portable charger that allows me to charge my phone at least 3 and a half times on the go. IT'S ACTUALLY THE BEST THING EVER!! You can buy smaller ones that allow you to charge it 1 time or 2 times but i was greedy ^^' Everyone needs one of these seriously. Isn't it the cutest color too?

I just wanted to share with you my love for my city c: writing this post has made me so homesick. I hope this post wasn't too long or boring! 




  1. OMG The haul!!! *___* can't wait for the reviews ^^
    Hongkong looks so good I wanna go there so bad! I visited HK when I was little,around 7 y.o so I don't really remember anything T.T

  2. Omg haha if I was to comment on everything I wanted to say about this post, I'd be sitting here writing an essay!!!! I've only been to HK once but next time I go back I'll definitely ask you for some tips on the best places to go and also refer back to your posts!!! Your haul is amaaazing, well done haha! I seriously need to get me one of those chargers...

  3. Wow! Sounds like you had an awesome time, and all the shopping! Looking forward to the reviews! I was able to go to HK last year and am lucky enough to be going again at the end of this year! I'm super excited to do some makeup and fashion shopping. HK is seriously one of the best places in the world for shopping!

    x Tashi

  4. Gosh, those photos make me miss HK so much! Definitely understand when you say that you feel so at home in HK, so taking photos seems a little redundant. Ritz Carlton high tea is definitely on my to do list!

    You hair looks awesome by the way! Do you mind me asking which salon it is? I always want to get my hair done when I'm in HK but I don't know where to go! LOL

  5. Thank you so much :3 You should definitely do high tea there at least once if you have the chance!
    I got my hair done at Indulgence in Central! I love it there c:

  6. It really is! Ahh! I'm so excited for you!

  7. You should definitely go again if you ever have the opportunity!
    Do you have any plans to go back soon? I don't know how i lived without that charger before my trip.

  8. ^^ thanks for all the support pam! c:

  9. omg I love all the jewellery you picked up - you have such good taste! The multicoloured ball necklace is too adorable! The high tea looks amazing - what a view and such beautiful and delicate desserts. Goodness, I would LOVE to go back to Hong Kong - I only visited once for a few days years ago. I remember I absolutely loved it so I'm pretty sure I'd feel similarly if I ever went back. The arpakasso is too adorable for words! I really love that Zara kimono piece too - such a versatile thing to throw on and jazz up any outfit, and it's fortunate that you managed to track one down after visiting so many stores!

  10. Aww Chloe! I wanna go back and go to the Ritz Carlton and order that sausage dinner and watch Dungdungdungdoy and Japanese gossip girl. I need to get rich again so we can go to hk and play : )

  11. Awh thank you so much! Forever 21 was a goldmine for dainty rings but everything else was pretty average.
    And the Zara kimono was so worth all that trouble, i have nothing like it in my wardrobe. They've released more colors since so who knows, it might become a huge trend c:

  12. Can you please, Japan is on the menu too c:

  13. Temporary:SecretaryAugust 31, 2013 at 3:30 AM

    I love this blog post SO MUCH!!! I haven't been to hong kong for ages - but last time i went, i kept having panic attacks, so I kinda avoid going when my family goes back to a holiday! They're like "why don't you want to come with us?!" :-(

    The portoble phone charger looks really good, the iphone 5 battery sucks, right? Which brand is your charger? I'll have a look online for one, it would definitely come in handy! x

  14. Thank you so much! Seriously fangirling, i love your blog!!
    Awh no!! Panic attacks are the worst, the first time i had one, i didn't know what it was and i thought i was having a heart attack! Hopefully you'll be able to go again with no stress ^^
    I threw away the packaging so i don't remember what brand it is...It says Obba on the actual power bank though and it comes in a bunch of colors. It's 8400 mAh if that helps!

  15. thanks chloe! will try track down one of those chargers :-) I followed your blog the last time i visited, so will pop back and say hello again very soon x

  16. So jealous you went to Hong Kong!

    I'm nominating you for Leibster Award, it's a tag and you can find the questions over on my blog spreadyourwings.blogspot.com.au

    It's just a way to get to know new bloggers under 200 subs :)

  17. thank you so much that's so kind!!

  18. Hi, can I know where exactly you bought ur Perspex clutch and clear satchel from? Love your blog post!

  19. Hi there! I bought my perspex clutch from a random store on Fa Yuen St in Hong Kong. The clear satchel was from a small stall in Dongdaemun in Korea. Sorry if it doesn't narrow it down, a lot of these don't have shop names/brands :/

  20. Thanks for the reply :D

  21. hi can i knw where is e cute cafe you went to on your last afternoon tea in hk? :)

  22. Hong Kong is one of the cities that I plan to visit this year. I hope I can find the Cheapest Hotels in Hong Kong by searching Google and hoping someone here give me some information to book.

  23. loved reading this! looks like you had a great time. im much more excited about my trip as well now thanks to this post, coincedentally to hong kong and seoul as well! ♡

  24. I keep Coming back to this post over and over again. I'm going to HK in February and am now so excited for all the food and shopping! Can I ask, What was the name of the place you went to for your final Afternoon Tea in Hong Kong? I'm obsessed with that picture!~

  25. Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry for the late reply, I was on a blogging hiatus for a while! I'm glad i saw this before february though so hopefully it's not too late!
    That photo was from a cat cafe in Causeway Bay in HK, it's called Ah Meow Cafe in Po Ming Building! I hope that answers your question c:

  26. So so sorry for the late reply! That cafe was a cat cafe in Causeway Bay called Ah Meow Cafe!

  27. Thank you so much for reading! I hope that you have a good trip c: If you make a blog post to it, you should link me! I love reading travel posts