RiRi Hearts MAC: RiRi Woo, RiRi Boy + Heaux Lipsticks (Swatch + Review)

I have so many products to review it's not funny. I really need to get my game on especially for limited edition items! 
When i initially heard about this collaboration, i didn't think i would end up buying all 3 lipsticks from this collection...but i guess i did. LOL i'm not even going to try to defend myself. 

I pretty much never buy MAC products in Australia but i couldn't resist. I bought RiRi Woo during the first release since i don't own Ruby Woo.  During the second release, I was looking at swatches of the other two and i just had to get them all. And because this was only released online and it sold out so quickly in the States and in Hong Kong, i just bit the bullet and payed Australian prices for them ($36 each).
I wish that these lipsticks had limited edition packaging too but it only has Rihanna's signature engraved in the lipstick - which will wear away with use :/
RiRi Boy, Heaux and RiRi Woo under natural light
RiRi Boy, Heaux and RiRi Woo under natural shade
RiRi Boy (Retro Matte Finish)
MAC describes this as a 'matte vivid lavender'.
Personally, i think that description sounds way scarier than it looks. I would describe it as a medium blue-toned purple. It is actually the most wearable purple and i think it's easier to wear than cool toned pinks. I think it would look really flattering on most skin tones too! Love, love love.
Heaux (Retro Matte Finish)
MAC describes this as a 'matte berry'.
A rich berry toned red.
RiRi Woo (Retro Matte Finish)
MAC describes this as a 'matte cool red'
Pretty spot-on description, it's just the classic, vibrant, blue toned red.
This is meant to be almost identical to Ruby Woo except that it's even more matte.

All 3 have a Retro Matte finish, which is as matte as you can get. I think this is definitely a finish you'll either love or hate. Because of this formula, it's quite stiff and tugs a little when applied from the tube (you can probably see this in the swatches!). With bright lipsticks, i tend to always use liner and a lip brush anyway for better precision.
They're all incredibly pigmented with an opaque coverage. These don't dry out my lips but they are in no way hydrating and will cling onto any dry patches/flakes. I always have to make sure that my lips are well prepared before applying.
Retro Mattes are extremely longwearing and stay true to the color for hours. When i wear it, i rarely have to touch up.
Here's how they wear on:

RiRi Boy
Out of all three in the collection, i found this one to be creamier and most comfortable to wear. When applied, there's a slightly waxy texture which helps it cling to the lips for longer wear. It didn't dry as matte as the other two colors, but still relatively matte.
Surprisingly RiRi Boy ended up to be my favorite. Never did i imagine myself sporting a purple lipstick but i really do love it.
Again, a dry formula but not drying. No lack of pigment there and the color stays strong all day. It's slightly creamier than RiRi Woo, when applied there's a bit of sheen but dries matte. A really perfect color for the current cold weather in Melbourne!

RiRi Woo
Definitely the driest of the bunch, opaque in one swipe though. Dries, looks and feels like the perfect velvety matte - makes my lips look so full! Everytime i wear this, i receive compliments.

I'm not sure if it's sold out on the Australian website yet. I bought mine when i got back from HK and it had been on sale for a while already but it was still available. I thought i'd review it anyway because they might re-release for their last Christmas release! I'm very excited for the festive season they'll definitely have the limited edition packaging!
I'm obsessed with this collection, i've been wearing all 3 colors on rotation since i got them!

Did you pick up anything/Do you plan on picking up anything from this collection? 




  1. All of the colors look awesome on you! Great swatches (:

    Dress to Express

  2. Hey sweetie! The colors looking great on you,
    and when I saw the RiRi Boy purple, I thought
    it might be too bright on your lips but it isn't!
    And I'm sorry but I have no Instagram (yet)
    c: Xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  3. I love MAC products! All colors look fab but I guess that red RiRi Woo is the best.

    ♥ Maho

  4. Oh my gosh you got all of them. I would have liked to try at least one. Maybe Heaux

  5. I just love love love RiRi Heaux. Unfortunately it was sold out here in Germany so I had to order it from the US for almost double the price - but it was worth it!

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    xx Cherrycandykiss | Vodka & Candy | GIVEAWAY: GUESS & Primark

  6. I think it's definitely a color you'll get a lot of wear out of c:

  7. I know, i'm so bad! i have no self control ^^'

  8. I think RiRi Woo is one of those colors that would suit every skin tone.

  9. Thank you so much! I hope you get an instagram soon! You take lovely photos and i love your blog c: