What a hectic month it's been! I can't believe we're already halfway through august and 3 weeks into uni...and i'm also officially 21! For my birthday, i had a joint party with one of my best friends Mish, you've probably seen photos of her around my blog/instagram :3 Thank god i wasn't planning this alone. Everyone tells you that you should throw a big 21st birthday bash but no one tells you how stressful it is up to the point of the party! 
Our party had a 1940s dress up theme, we wanted people in uniforms (military, navy, pilots, nurses, factory girls etc) but a WWII theme sounded too morbid. We were so worried that people wouldn't dress up because it did take a bit of effort but the turn out was amazing. I just wanted to share some of the photos with you all and tell you a bit about the night c:

I got back from HK exactly one week before our party and we dedicated the entire week to all our last minute planning because we had only booked the venue, invited everyone and nothing else.
Fast forward a week, to the actual day of our party. We had a schedule and everything planned to the minute. We went to the venue in the morning to set up everything so we could go back and start getting ready but nothing was going according to plan. We still had some errands to run and we didn't end up getting back until 3-4pm and we still needed to get ready and go back to the venue to finish setting up by 6pm. At the time when the party was supposed to 'start', we were still 40 minutes away from the venue. We were meant to train in but we had no time so one of our girlfriends ended up driving us all. 
This is the hilarious part (not so hilarious at the time). Picture this: 5 girls in a hatchback. Both birthday girls stressed as hell and on the phone with different people. People are calling and texting asking about things that we just do not care about at that moment. Then Mish starts breaking down...the other girls take the phone off her and she's crying...and then i start having a panic attack. We're both bawling our eyes out. The thought that our make up will be ruined and we won't be pretty at our 21st made us cry even more. Our friend who was driving actually had to pull over, pull us both out of the car and calm us down. 
All we could say was "Imagine what it will be like when we have to plan our weddings/get married" LOL
5 minutes after we arrived, people started arriving and we still hadn't finished setting up everything. We literally just chucked everything on the table without much thought and then we went into the bathroom to fix our make up. I don't think anyone could even tell we had a massive sob before the event LOL. The cake and the top cupcakes were made by a friend of Mish's, everything else was thought up and made by our girlfriends and us. 
Kellen was a rock throughout the entire planning process. You know the friend that drove us to the venue and told us to snap out of our breakdown? Yeh, that was her. She was there every step of the way. And when we were stressing out about our guestbook situation, she had it all covered.
 She made Mish and I a guestbook each. Mine was white and Mish's was Black.
Inside, she decorated it with print outs of our instagram photos and stickers. She also put in slots for polaroids. On the night of our 21st, she brought her polaroid and endless packets of film. She took photos of us with everyone and put them into the book which all our guests signed and wrote in birthday messages c': it was so so so sweet of her.
She also handmade her Captain America Girl costume, along with the 2 other girls' ones, which you can see below. She's actually amazing.

My friend Andy helped us make an Uncle Sam enlistment poster which we used as the event photo and we put them up as decorations. And we had our own Uncle Sam too:
These two. Their costumes were so good, it killed me. They also won the Cutest Couple Award. 
Funny actually, we handed out a few awards that night: Best dressed Male, Best Dressed Female, Cutest Couple and Most Creative Costume. We were feeling pretty generous so we also handed out these awards: the 'You Tried' Star, the 'A Half Assed Attempt Was Made' Star, the 'I Don't Even Think You Tried' Star and last of all the 'You Know Nothing Jon Snow' Star (Game of Thrones watchers may appreciate that one haha). 
All in good fun ^^ We made the awards out of random badges we got from the $2 store, we just added safety pins and the ribbons. The Stars we printed out of paper LOL.
Here are some snaps of some of the other costumes that night. I'm honestly so impressed with what people came up with. All the girls looked so stunning and the boys were so dapper c;

Leading up to the night, I felt excited and sad at the time. A lot of people that meant a lot to me couldn't be there that night because they were all over the world. Friends i made during my 10 month exchange in France, close friends who were travelling interstate/overseas, relatives that don't live in Melbourne, etc. The night was so much more than i expected it to be and full of emotions. Despite all the stress, everything turned out better than okay. 


I just realised, if you don't follow me on instagram or twitter (@chloe_e), this is probably the first you've seen of my new hair! I added green to the ends. It's faded a fair bit so now i have some strange gradient thing going on.




  1. What a fun party :) Very original too! I'm sure the stress was worth it..


  2. looks like an amazing party! I love the theme, and of course your hair!!!

  3. Planning and setting up your own party is so stressful, so I feel you :( But the night turned out great just looking at the photos! That was also very sweet of your friend who organized the scrapbooks :D


  4. What an awesome 21st!! And your hair is absolutely stunning *_*
    I can't imagine how stressful it would have been for you to plan as I've never hosted a big/joint party before but it definitely looks as though you enjoyed your night :)

  5. Happy belated birthday c:
    what a fun sounding party!
    Love your costume as well,
    and your hair = WOW!


  6. OMG its a very cool party theme! everyone seemed to have a good time :)
    I didnt celebrate my 21st. hahaaa old soul I just cant be bothered lol

    Really love your hair as well <3

  7. It was good fun and well worth the stress but i'm not sure i would do it again haha!

  8. Leading up to the night was very chaotic but everything turned out better than expected. Yeh, she's such a sweetheart

  9. Thanks Pam! We weren't sure we would be able to get everyone to dress up but the turnout was great!

  10. It really was! I love dress up parties