wishlist ♔

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1. I LOVE BAF. I might have already bought this... i made this wishlist last week and didn't post it till now. When i first saw this 2 weeks ago and i knew straight away i had to have it but it sold out before i had a chance to and when they relisted it, i purchased it without hesitation c:
2. Love love love this ring holder. It's a bunny, need i say more? This would be so cute on my bedside table but i wish it was bigger!
3. I have my eye on a few more NARS blushes. I currently have Gilda and Orgasm and i'm trying to decide between Douceur, Deep Throat, Sex Appeal, Sin and Oasis
4. and 5. I am doing a massive nail polish order with the girls and these two are the ones i'm most excited to get c: i'm awaiting for spring with open arms. penny talk was sold out though ;c

which NARS blush do you recommend?




  1. The Essie colors you picked out are cute and I adore the ring holder!

  2. It sucks how Penny Talk is sold out where you are because it's definitely a gorgeous color ='(

    As for which NARS blush, I would probably go with Deep Throat because it's a wonderful pink-y peach with a hint of shimmer =) It was my first ever NARS blush!

  3. I've yet to try Essie polishes or Nars blushes but they are definitely on my wishlist too. The sweater is too cute :)

  4. Love the bunny ring holder! It's so cute!
    As for NARS blush, I would recommend Torrid, Sin is also gorgeous as well!