friend's going away party, birthday tulips, one of my favorite finds in HK, polaroids, ever-growing arpakasso family, before + after paint 'n' glow, new lip goodies.

recent snaps, some you might have seen on my instagram (@chloe_e).
my friend left on tuesday for a year abroad in the states, what an experience that will be! i wish him the best of luck and i already miss him so much. i'm going to do a collective post soon on my birthday presents but i was so excited to receive tulips, tulips and gerberas are my favorite c:
lastly, i went to a paint 'n' glow party on thursday night and as you can see, things got pretty messy. paint is harder to get out of my hair than i expected. it was a good night out with the ladies and i love the polaroids we took, we look like an American Apparel ad. i got my first lap dance that night from a pretty fit lad, it was like magic mike, but in reality LOL.
Can not believe it's already week 4 of uni, the semester is only 12 weeks long. i haven't even started studying, this semester is going to fly by. i'm so excited for summer!



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