Welcome to Status Chlo!

Ever since I changed my blog name, I've been having so much trouble carrying certain things over and also with a few glitches so please excuse the blog looking a bit shabby. I seriously cannot code to save my life... I had a bit of a problem with this post when I initially uploaded it last week so lets try again...

Valentines Day this year started off a rainy one and I had work all day. This was what I wore.
shirt dress: Monki, raincoat: Gorman, shoes: Doc Martens, sunglasses: Ray Bans, bag: COS shopping tote, ring: Forever 21, earrings: Karen Walker, socks: H&M

I was looking for the perfect shirt dress for so long but because I'm so small, most shirt dresses swallowed me and made me look like a giant pillow case. I was so happy to have stumbled across this one in Monki on my recent trip to HK, it's the perfect length and I love the babydoll shape. It's in size XXS too haha. To add a pop of color to my all-white outfit, I wore my beloved Gorman navy/gold polka dot raincoat and some blue socks to match that.
This was the first time I asked my boyfriend to help me take outfit photos and I think he did an awesome job. This makes it so much easier for me to photograph future outfits for the blog. I will definitely be requesting his help more.

Hope you've all been well and you like the new blog name ^^





  1. Naww the shirt dress and raincoat are so cute! BTW LOVING the hair! It looks amazing :) Also love the new blog name hehe!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. That last pic could've come straight out of RUSSH magazine!

  3. Awh thank you!! It's faded so much and I'm not even sure what color it is anymore! And cheers for the vote of confidence :3

  4. What a compliment haha! My boyfriend was testing out the lighting and the photo came out pretty funny so I decided to include it :P

  5. You are the cutest!!! Your style is so unique girl. I love that polka dot coat, you definitely rock it well. Club Masters are my fav, I have the exact same one they make you look so chic. xx

  6. Awh thanks Jennifer for stopping by! I love sunglasses, so convenient when you want to hide your face but still look somewhat good. I actually have a theory that sunglasses instantly make people look more attractive too HAHA