New In // Recent Hauls Since November (Microreview)

I actually hardly bought any new make up all through 2014 and then in the last few months, I'm not sure what got into me but I ended up picking up a bunch of new things. This is going to be a microreview post because I'm sure you would have seen plenty of reviews and videos of people talking about these products already. Plus, a few of these items were limited edition so I don't want to go into it too much in case it's hard for you guys to obtain.
After exams, I planned a special Mecca trip to treat myself to a couple of goodies I had my eye on.
I was always going to get at least one Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush. Good thing I held out when they were first released because I was hoping they would release it in a palette much like their powder palette and they did! This palette really is something, everything from the quality of the blushes, the glowing finish, the longevity of wear and the shade selection is perfect - a pink, a peach and a darker plummy shade, suitable for any make-up look/season.I love the packaging and size too. Incandescent Electra (middle) has to be my favorite shade in the trio.
I wanted to try NARS Sheer Glow for the longest time and after I got a few sample pots to test out, I finally purchased the full sized bottle along with the pump. The shade I have is Fiji.
Sheer Glow does accentuates dry patches or any flaking. Luckily my skin has been behaving pretty well lately and I love the luminous finish it leaves me with. The coverage is far from sheer and probably too heavy for daily use, despite that, it never leaves my face looking dull or flat. A little goes a long way with this foundation, for special days/nights out or when I know I will be photographed, this is a lovely option.
After finishing my little tube of Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré that my cousin sent me from Paris, I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Then I came across a really good deal on Cosme-De. They were doing a promotion and the moisturiser was only $23 for the 75ml tube. So without hesitation, I bought 2 tubes because I LOVE this stuff.
I also picked up the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, a purchase heavily influenced by Lena at Sleep and Water. I've only ever tried one other cleansing oil in the past and it was a Shu Uemura one but I was too young to appreciate it or remember how I got along with it. So far I'm really enjoying this cleansing oil. I keep this bottle at my boyfriend's house because I don't have all my normal skincare products there and I don't like bringing them back and forth. This does a great job of dissolving and removing all my make up as well as cleansing at the end of the day and it doesn't feel overly oily.
It was my first time ordering off Cosme-De but it was a pleasant experience. My order arrived quickly and safely bubble-wrapped. The promotion at the time was on their actual website but they also have an eBay store.
MAC Rebel is a color I've wanted to own for years but I just never bought it so when they released it as part of the Christmas Heirloom collection, it seemed like the perfect time to pick it up. I love the starry packaging of the lipstick tube. I actually haven't even tried/worn it yet. I'm going to blame it on the hot weather but in reality, I think I'm just hauling too much too quickly.

My best friend B picked up the Illamasqua nail polish in Raindrops for me after she heard me going on and on about it. She works in Myer and I think when she bought it, it was on sale as well so it ended up costing like $7. 
This is my first Illamasqua nail polish and I'm so impressed with the quality of them. The formulation and pigmentation are both amazing, and first signs of chipping didn't even appear until after a week. One of the longest-lasting nail polishes I've ever worn and I absolutely adore the color. Raindrops is a super light grey-blue with tiny silver flakes of all different sizes. It's so subtle and soft.
The same cousin who sent me the Embryolisse moisturizer from Paris, lives in the States and just after Christmas, she sent me a small parcel with some snacks, make up and bath and body works goodies (I am obsessed with their hand sanitisers and their scent portable air fresheners for the car!)
In the box, there was the Naked 3 palette as well as the NARS Virtual Domination cheek palette that I asked her to pick up for me. I've been using both palettes religiously since I received them.
This palette is seriously so pretty, every color in it is stunning. My favorite shades are Nooner, Liar and Factory. I only wish that the highlight/first shade was a bit brighter as it doesn't even show up on my skin. The packaging is much more sturdy than the Naked 1 palette, which is pretty much made of cardboard, but I'm not a massive fan of the textured exterior on the box. I think it looks a bit tacky.
It also came with a booklet with samples of UD's 4 different eye primers. They claim that each sample has enough for 1 week of usage. I haven't used any of them yet.

This NARS Virtual Domination palette caught my eye from the moment I saw the first bits of information/photos online. For one, there is no "Orgasm" blush in the palette. I have Orgasm and I have to say it's one of the most overrated products in the beauty world. Secondly, it held a massive pan (bigger than its normal size) of the famous Laguna bronzer that I've never tried. Thirdly, I don't have doubles of any of the colors - the other 3 shades are: Final Cut, Sex Fantasy and Miss Liberty (highlighter). All of these reasons combined, was a huge incentive for me to buy this. 
The only let down about the palette is Miss Liberty. I expected a lot more pigment for a highlighter but it was only a whole heap of glitter. That would be the only thing stopping me from calling this palette an all-in-one cheek palette. Shame, but the rest of the palette makes up for it I guess.

So those were some of the things that came into my possession between November - Mid January. 
It's funny, I don't think I bought any make-up in 2014 from January to October and then all hell broke loose after I bought my Lorac Mega Pro Palette (which I have dropped twice since - I was shattered, it was shattered, it was shattering).

Do you ever go through non-spendy then very spendy phases? haha
please say yes.





  1. YESSSS. I finally get to read about your purchases <3 <3

    Also, I was gonna get the Hourglass palette as Giselle's birthday gift but like you said, it was limited edition so they sold out already.

    The Naked 3 and the MAC Rebel look beautiful, i hope you use them lots!!!

    ++++ "I was shattered, it was shattered, it was shattering." I know this was meant to indicate a sad feeling, but I laughed. I'm sorry! HEHE

  2. Oh no, that sucks about dropping your LORAC Mega Pro Palette. I'm still bummed I didn't buy it when it came out - what was I thinking?! :(

    That NARS palette looks really tempting! I love that it has shades that I don't have in individual blushes. That's a shame about the Miss Liberty highlighter though - I would've much preferred Albatross.

    Thanks for the mention with the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and I'm glad you're enjoying it! I've almost run out of mine (boo), so I'll need to check out the website that you ordered it from!

    Raindrops is so pretty - I've been meaning to buy that shade for a while. I wonder if it's still available. I recently picked up Hollow cream pigment from Illamasqua - I really appreciate how they reduced their prices to make their products more affordable for Aussies :)

  3. Damn girl - this haul is amazing! So many LE purchases I wish I'd gotten my hands on. Both blush palettes look gorgeous, and I'm glad you're enjoying Naked 3! I've had a sample of Sheer Glow for ages and it's definitely one I want to pick up soon!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. WOW Sheer Glow and Naked 3 are amazing <33

  5. Awh thanks for stopping by LJ and thanks for always pestering me to blog :3
    I've been using my naked 3 palette non-stop, I'm so in love!
    And yes, it is most evident that I was indicating sadness but don't worry, I was half laughing at the ridiculousness of my situation too *sigh.

  6. I knowwww, every time I open my palette, I cry a little on the inside. But at least the majority of it is still intact *prays.
    I'm not a major highlighter girl but Miss Liberty just puts me off it!
    The Cosme-De promo was so good at the time, I think I picked it up for about $27 from memory? Maybe they do another one soon!
    I hope that Raindrops is still available for you coz it's so darn pretty! I ended up picking up the Pink Raindrops too but I haven't tried it yet (nails currently recovering from acrylics I got done in HK).
    I really love Illamasqua as an independent make up brand and what they stand for. I think they really influenced another beauty brands and their recent price reductions too!
    I've heard so much about Hollow, can't wait to read how you get on with it.

  7. I couldn't believe I bought 2 blush palettes in such a short amount of time. Blush ban now. I really do like Sheer Glow but as I said, it's too heavy for daily use, I wonder if i'll get much use out of it! Maybe when the colder months approach!

  8. I love Naked 3 wayyyyy more than I expected to! Never thought I'd love pink eyeshadows so much but they are so flattering!

  9. Woohoooooo I love haul post!! ^^
    I am in love with the Hourglass ambient lighting blush palette. They are literally the only 3 blushes I have been using since they came in my possession.
    The NARS sheer glow is indeed not sheer at all, LOL but I like it that way though. A little goes a long way.

    BTW, my condolences for your Lorac Mega Pro Palette :((( I just ordered my Lorac pro palette and hope it will arrive safe and sound :)

  10. Ugh, totally jelly of your Naked 3 and Nars palette!! I don't own of the Naked palettes but am pretty sure the 2nd or 3rd one is more for me! I've walked past that DHC cleansing oil so many times but has passed it up but I have to agree that it's very raved about and I totally would try it in the future! Great beauty haul!

  11. Ok, first of all this post is just wow! I LOVE everything here!!!! I will start off with the last item you purchase which is the domination palette and I have that myself and I feel the EXACT same with the fact it doesn't contain orgasm which I too think its the most over rated product - I own it but literally only used it twice I'm sure, it's too glittery and yeah just don't like it which I'm so happy NARS didn't add it to the palette like they usually do. I love love love Sex Fantasy I have the full size from the LE range and just fell so inlove so seeing it in this palette and knowing I have another one of it just made me so happy I love those pale purple pink blushes they compliment our skin tone so well!!! I also have the same shade Fiji in Sheer Glow - I find at first I didn't enjoy it when I first used it but now it's definitely my holy grail foundation. I guess you just need to find what brush works best with it and also a good primer also helps a lot too! The reason behind the name sheer glow is that its suppose to resemble a "sheer glow to your skin" when you have it on - its definitely a med-full coverage foundation and not at all sheer in consistency but what they did was named it after how the results look on the skin - which I thought was quite clever especially since not many people realise this and always say "why is it called sheer glow when it's not sheer nor glow-y?!" hahaha. I love Embryollise as well, I find it just works so nicely on the skin and suits just about everyone that's why its a staple in my freelance kit also! A lot of people how mixed reviews on the naked 3 palette but I really enjoy it its definitely one of a kind you don't often have rose tone palettes so its a nice one to have in your collection! Oh gosh I have Rebel on my wish list and am yet to pick it up but that packaging with the shiny glitter is just so gorgeous!!! I can see this shade looking so gorgeous on you!!!!! I recently picked up Diva and oh my it is just pretty!!! xx

  12. The Hourglass palette is definitely outstanding in terms of quality! I hope your palette arrived safely too, be careful to never drop it!!

  13. I have Naked 1 and 3, both of which I love! I think naked 2 is too cool-toned for me so I gave that one a skip. The palettes are worth all the hype, I use them so often and when I don't, and come back to it, I fall in love with it over and over.
    I have to say, I don't love the feeling of cleansing oils but they do their job so well!

  14. AHH Omg! I'm so happy I found another girl who loves cool-toned lilac blushes on asian complexions! I know it's sort of "unconventional" but I love how it looks.
    I am definitely loving all the shades in the palette but like I said, I wish the highlighter was better! What do you think of Miss Liberty?
    I didn't think I would like Naked 3 as much as I do, even when it was first released, I didn't think I wanted it. But now that I have it, I absolutely love it and wondered why I didn't wear pink eyeshadows before because it's so flattering!