Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado (Review)

First of all, Happy Lunar New Year to all those that celebrate it and even to those who do not. 
May you all be happy, prosperous and healthy in the coming year! c:

Eye creams have always been one of those products that I find really hard to judge of its effectiveness. It's super daunting because there are so many eye creams on the market all promising to deliver a million things and they can get so pricey. I've tried my fair share of them but never saw or felt any visible benefits or differences. 
At my age, I understand that it is a preventive measure for future wrinkles and fine lines more than anything. As with most 20 something year olds, I am incredibly sleep deprived and do carry some bags under my eyes. I wear make-up on a regular basis and removing it everyday can be a harsh process for an area as delicate as the eye but honestly, I'm not looking for or expecting any miracles. I just wanted a fuss-free and hydrating eye cream. 

The Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado is not new to me but I think its name turned me off it for a long while because I just assumed that it would be too rich. Well I will tell you now after using it for a month, that it is super rich - but in a good way.
The cream has quite a thick consistency. When I first start dabbing it in, it feels slightly tacky but as my ring finger warms the product up, I can actually feel it absorb right into the skin. After I pat it in under the eyes, with any remaining product on my fingers, I like to rub it in around the nose too where I can sometimes get flakey. It instantly feels more nourished and smooth without being overly greasy. 
At night time, this definitely feels like a treatment, pumping the moisture back into the sensitive eye area as I sleep.
It does leave a slightly waxy touch which may bother some people but I find that it primes the eye perfectly for concealer because once it's applied, it doesn't slip around or migrate. A hydrated under-eye really brightens my overall complexion and leaves me to look more awake and well-reposed. It also stops my concealer and make up from seeping into fine lines or looking cakey. 
I think this is a really great one for people who are just looking for a basic eye cream.  For what it is formulated to do, I cannot fault it. Some have complained that it doesn't help with dark circles or puffiness but that is not what it's designed for. I have never actively enjoyed using an eye cream until now because I can actually tell the difference after using this eye cream - a clear winner for me!

Have you tried this eye cream before? Do you have an eye cream that you can recommend?





  1. ADORE the idea of using this around the nose - why have I never thought of that?! You genius, you!
    Your nails, by the way, oh my goodness!

  2. Haha! Eye creams are pretty pricey, it's a shame to waste them on my fingers! I just find that it's so effective around the nose too c:
    I got my nails done as a treat when I was in Asia but I just got them removed and I miss having claws so much! Now my nails have a long road to recovery.

  3. I think if you're young and just looking for hydration, this is perfect!