Alexander Wang x H&M

Unless you live in a pineapple under the sea or you completely go out of your way just to avoid any news about fashion - you probably would have heard/seen something about the Alexander Wang x H&M collab at some point or another. The collection finally dropped on Thursday and I was all over it. Alexander Wang is one of my favorite labels but not something I can afford easily.
My first "expensive" handbag that I bought for myself was an AW, the classic Rocco - a bag that holds a lot of sentimental value for me and one that I still adore. Every time I look at it or I use it, I remember how hard I worked and saved in order to purchase this as a Christmas treat to myself ^^
But before I get into the haul, I thought I would just share my experience with you as this is the first H&M collaboration release I've attended or seen in person.
Perhaps the most anticipated H&M collaboration to date, I knew I had to be efficient and know exactly what I wanted to get ahold of the moment I walked into the store so I compiled a shortlist after looking at the lookbooks online.
For a collection as hyped up as this one, arriving early was essential - there was no easy way around it. Since H&M was to open at 7am, I thought I would get there around 4.30am but when I went to sleep early and I checked the hashtag + geotag before bed on Instagram, I saw that people had already started lining up from as early as 6pm the night before?! So my friend and I decided to go at 3.30am instead (crazy I know but we were not missing out). When we got there, there were already about 100 people in front of us but the line behind us grew rapidly as the hours went on. I brought my laptop and did some study while we were waiting.
At 6.30am, they started handing out different colored wristbands for every group of 20 people, allocating them to a specific time slot to shop. R and I were given a teal wristband and we were told to come back at 8.15am so we went to move our cars and get some real coffee. The entire system was well organised and fair; they explained to us in line that we were only allowed to grab 1 unit of each style - no trying on multiple sizes (but we can ask one of the staff members in the change rooms to find us a different size if we need) and no purchasing more than 1 unit of each style either (different colors are considered different styles).
At 8.15am, we were allowed in. R headed straight for the mens section while I went to the ladies section. After I found everything I wanted, I went to join R as I was wanted a couple of things in the mens section too.

My haul

One of the most coveted items on most people's list would have most likely been the WANG Scuba Sweaters. I would have much preferred the original cut sweaters from the mens section rather than the cropped version from the ladies section however, the majority of the mens basic styles were already sold out within the first 40 minutes. There were plenty of ladies sizes though (enough for them to restock every 15 minutes before a new rush of people). I tried this on in both the black and the grey I decided to go with the grey since everything else I was getting was black. I love the simplicity but loudness of the embossed WANG logo.

Another 2 things on my list that I managed to pick up were the sports bra and mesh shorts. I love sports bras for layering and wearing to events/music festivals so that was a must for me. I also really like mesh in clothing when it's done right, I think I'll get a lot of wear out of these shorts in summer - super easy to style and most importantly comfortable! The WANG logo on both these items are reflective when light hits it.

The next item was my most expensive but my favorite purchase. I actually wasn't planning to get this, I didn't think much of the image online but when I saw it in person, I had to have it. So it was a good thing that some of the mens stuff sold out because it meant I had a bit of budget left. I absolutely love this, I had been wanting a hooded pullover anorak since the beginning of the year. It's waterproof and lightweight but at the same time, it feels really sturdy and cosy. The "Wang" logo, as well as the lining under the perforated sleeves are again, reflective. There is also a pocket in the front-centre.
Lastly this was the most random item. I love drawstring bags, I have a Nike one which I use super regularly. They're just perfect for chucking a few light things in and they don't get in your way which makes them awesome for concerts and music festivals. I am also a huge fan of how casual and cute they look on girls. So when I saw a drawstring bag in the store I got really excited but also confused because I didn't remember seeing it online. Turns out, it housed the towel set (full body towel and face towel). I debated it for a while because let's be honest, I really didn't need a set of Alexander Wang towels but I really wanted the drawstring bag and it actually worked out to be a pretty good price when you calculate everthing included in the set so I just went for it. I love the perforated detailing on the bag, so sporty!
And those are all the things I picked up from the Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration! 
I was really pleasantly surprised by the quality of every item in this collection. I have a real love/hate relationship with H&M because generally, I find the quality of their clothes so cheap. This is actually the first time I purchased anything from H&M in Melbourne since it opened.
While the cost of every item in my haul added up to a considerable amount, I am satisfied with the prices I paid. I couldn't be happier with the pieces I bought and I'm so excited to wear all of these.

That being said, I think it would have to take a lot or another crazy-good designer collaboration for me to go through the entire experience again because it was really tiring and kind of stressful. 

Have you ever queued in line for an anticipated release of something? 




  1. Crazy times. Nice haul though- very you, judging from your taste and style in past Instagram photos and blogposts- you're so efficient and fortunate that you got what you wanted! I love H&M and go nuts for it whenever I can get near one but we don't have one in Brisbane yet so it's kindof a bummer.

  2. wow 3:30 in the morning!! that is dedication! :D
    the last time I queued for H&M designer collaboration was MARNI and I'm glad that the collaborations were never very hyped here in Germany. The german people are sometimes very ignorant to all things trend and The earliest I ever queued was for Versace at 6:30 ( the store opened at 9:00 ) and there were maybe max 50 people waiting, the rest just came after store was opened. But maybe it is because we have 3 H&M flagship stores in town that always carry the collab collections so the crowd is always well scattered.
    you picked up nice stuffs! the WANG cropped jumper will definitely look very nice on you! the entire collection is just not my cup of tea, unfortunately. But it is good for my wallet xD

  3. Awesome clothes!

  4. Nice haul! I can never get out of bed just for a collaboration (or a sale). I admire that type of dedication. I agree too - that bag will never go out of style!

    Tiff | AMtoPM

  5. The sports bra and shorts are so nice! I can't believe I missed out :(

  6. I love your fashion dedication! It sounds like they were super organized with the times to let people in the store and how much you were allowed to buy! I love that! Love the scuba sweatshirt! So cool!


  7. Love your purchases

  8. I'm so jealous of your haul lol. Everything looks amazing :) x