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There's something so satisfying about compiling wishlists!

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  1. The "Virtual Domination" Cheek Palette, can the name be any more badass? Also, a NARS blush palette that doesn't have Orgasm?! Hallelujah! I love the combination of colors in this holiday palette - a highlighter (Miss Liberty), 3 blushes (Sex Fantasy, Deep Throat and Final Cut) and a bronzer (Laguna). I don't already own any of these colors either. In terms of value this is so worth it! Only $65USD and all the blushes are pretty much the size of their standalone versions (except for Laguna, which is actually larger than the full size). Gimme!
  2. I love Alexander Wang. The H&M x Alexander Wang collaboration drops on November 6th and I will definitely be lining up. Such a highly anticipated collection and completely up my alley. I love sportswear and streewear. Comfort and style are not trade offs. A lot of this collaboration is quite extreme but there are some really nice and wearable pieces and they're affordable too! I have my eye on some of their more basic items such as sweaters, hoodies, trousers and shorts. I like some of the bags too but just a tad expensive for me for a H&M collab.
  3. I love my Real Techniques brushes but I find some of them just don't last very long. I've had to replace my buffing brush twice now and I hate that you can't by it on its own. There are a couple of brushes from the RT sets that I never use and have found no use for. I'm also not the biggest fan of how they look in terms of their handles and all the colors. I've heard so many good things about the Zoeva brushes and everytime they appear on a blog, I drool a little. The Rose Gold set is so stunning and consist of all the Zoeva brushes I would want to try if i were to order them separately.
  4. I've wanted Rebel for so long but never bit the bullet and now it's being released in limited edition packaging for MAC's holiday collection. I asked the MAC counters what day it would arrive in the shops and they told me November 3rd (tomorrow!), so i will be stopping by a MAC counter after handing in 2 of my assignments in ^^ 
  5. Ever since seeing these amazing blutchers on the Zara US website, I have been frantically trying to hunt them down. The staff at Zara Australia know nothing and couldn't provide me with any details of whether they can look it up on the computer, whether they will be receiving this style, when it will come in, if other stores have it. I couldn't even put my name or number down, just in case they get it later on. The girl I spoke to was actually kind of rude and told me that they can only tell me if its already on the shop floor (thanks a lot but I can do that) or that I should just check back everyday. A ridiculous and inefficient suggestion and got me kind of pissed off. But these shoes are so amazing. 
  6. So happy Mecca/Kit finally stock Josie Maran now!! I've wanted to try this for so long but I didn't want to buy it online before having given it a go. I got a sample of the normal version as well as the light version from Kit so that I can trial it before deciding which one is better suited for me. 
Any thoughts on any of my picks? What's on your wishlist at the moment?




  1. The cheek palette looks gorgeous, I had no idea that Laguna was actually bigger! What a steal! Pretty much my whole brush collection is RT and I do love them, but the lure of the rose gold is getting to me. So gorgeous, plus EVERYONE is raving about them! Ooh yeah, let us know which oil you like better; light or original!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. The zoeva brush set is on my list as well, I just haven't got the kick to order yet. ^^
    I am a fan of the Josie Maran argan oil, It is really good and helps improve my skin..

  3. If I didn't have both Deep Throat and Laguna, I would be so over that NARS palette. It's seriously tempting even with those two in it. Yay for Kit stocking Josie Maran now! No longer will I need to resort to Sephora online to buy the brand. That brush set looks so gorgeous, love the rose gold accents. Never tried Zoeva but I definitely want to!

  4. I love all of your picks here. Ah, those shoes are all just so dreamy!

  5. The RT brushes are definitely amazing quality for what they're worth and I have no regrets about getting them and I still use most of them on a daily basis but I'm just so frustrated that I've had to replace my buffing brush twice now and I'm in need of a third one *sigh.
    I will definitely keep you posted on the Argan Oil c:

  6. It's so prettyyy and I keep putting off ordering but I'm scared it will sell out! Which argan oil do you use and what skin do you have again Pam?

  7. I still can't get over the price and color selection of this palette! I've wanted Deep Throat and Laguna for so long, I think I will definitely have to get my hands on this!
    I'm pretty happy that Mecca/Kit has lowered a lot of their prices, I can actually justify paying just $10 for the Argan Oil.

  8. Thanks Stephanie! I know, I'm putting every ounce of my energy to hunt them down!

  9. I have the original josie maran argan oil, not the light one and my skin is combination, occasionally dry on the cheeks and oily on the Tzone ^^