New In // Recent Hauls: Ikea (Candles + Make Up Storage) + Lush

I really like reading haul posts and I haven't done a haul post in over a year! My haul posts are usually right at the end of my travel posts but I think I will be featuring more of them on my blog. I rarely do a whole heap of shopping in one go and I do a lot of my shopping online, but if timing works and I have a few things lying around, I'll share them with you guys c:

Ikea Haul 
I love Ikea (who doesn't), not simply for their furniture but for their other bits and bobs too. I just love how most things are so affordable even for a uni student like me. I have a thing for white/cream furniture; most of the pieces in my room and study are from Ikea and everything just looks and fits so nicely together.
One of my favorite things to stock up on at Ikea however, are their candles. I love candles but my, they can get so pricey! While I love to indulge in a luxurious candle once in a while as a treat, I also love burning them on a daily and regular basis and expensive candles are just...too expensive!
The Ikea candles smell so good, most of their scents are quite simple - various fruits, florals and spa smells. They last for ages and they are so cheap!

This time round I picked up these scented ones:

  • Sinnlig in White and Red ($3.99 AUD and burning time of 25 hrs each) - One is vanilla scented and the other smells of warm and sweet berries. I usually like keeping the heavier and stronger fragrances such as these two in my study. Neither of them are nauseatingly over the top though, just enough for you to notice it and enjoy it ^^. The red one has been a favorite for a while and I purchase this every time, it reminds me of a very nostalgic scent of jelly or some type of candy from my childhood but I just can't put my finger on it...
  • Lught Assorted Candles in Blue ($4.99 AUD/3 Pack, burning time 25 hrs each) - The moment I picked this up, I was like "yes." This smells like fresh laundry, so serene. I keep one of these in my bathroom; it makes it feel and smell a lot fresher and cleaner.
  • Måttfull in White ($1.49 AUD, burning time 17 hrs) - This seemingly boring white candle was the most surprising of the lot. The little diagram on the packaging has a tub of lotion and some flowers next to it and indeed, it reminds me of a spa or the smell of a nice fresh lotion. It is a very blissful, gentle and soothing fragrance. I love the way the smell lingers even after I've put the candle out. My mum commented on how soft and clean my room smelt when she came into my room. I like keeping this one in my room because it's so calming.
    This one, along with the assorted blue set are more subtle than the first two I mentioned but you can definitely smell it. They're not scents that will overwhelm you or have a super obvious presence but if you were to exit the room and come back in, you will notice the difference even more.

I have wanted this tealight lantern holder for ages, I don't know why I didn't buy it earlier because it's such a bargain! This was only $4.99 AUD and a really cute addition to my bedside table. I also picked up a 100 pack of the tealight candles for $3.99 AUD.
Lastly, I was SO excited when I found this but I finally managed to pick up the Godmorgon acrylic storage unit! I remember seeing it on tumblr years ago and wanting it so bad but it was out of stock every time I went to Ikea. This was only $14.99 AUD, much more reasonable than a lot of acrylic make up organisers on the market. I filled it with my most rotated make up because I wanted to have my most used products visible and easily within reach. The top section where I have put all my brushes, can be lifted out of or left rested within the box.
The whole box stored with my most used make up
The bottom level with the brush compartment lifted out.
Top half of the box
Left side - My everyday/favorite lip products/single eyeshadows, primers, concealer/brow gel, eyelash curler, argan oil samples
Right side - Face products including foundations, powder, blushes, bronzer. 
Eyeshadow palettes/quads/duos

Both levels
From the side
From the side
How it fits on my vanity table 
How it fits on my vanity table
How it fits on my vanity table
Lush Haul
You guys are probably sick of hearing and seeing about Lush hauls. I used to be guilty of over-indulging yearly in Lush products around Halloween/Christmas time as well, but now that I don't have a bath tub (sad life), I actually managed to save myself a lot of money! This is probably the most boring Lush haul you've seen yet LOL.
Every year, I buy myself 1 bottle of Lush's Twilight and Snow Fairy shower gels however this year, they didn't release Twilight! I was so devastated because that's probably my favorite one :c I had a bit of a sulk but then the "So White" shower gel caught my attention. The bath bomb of the same name is one of my favorites that they do so I was really happy they made a shower gel version of it!
As described on the label, it smells exactly like freshly cut granny smith apples with a subtle hint of rosewater. It is so crisp, uplifting and perfect for spring. Unlike most of the Lush scents, this one is so natural and not overly sugary/artificial at all. At first use, this has instantly replaced Snow Fairy as my favorite sweet Lush festive scent.
I was hoping this is a permanent addition to the range but the SA informed me that it is limited edition. I love this so much, I think I will have to pick up a back up bottle.
I will admit... I still picked up 2 bath products despite my lack of a bath tub because I simply couldn't resist. Everything is so freaking cute! My boyfriend is keeping it for me at his house because he has an amazing bath tub so it will be my post-exam treat!

And concludes my haul post! Sorry if this post seemed a bit long, most of it were photos anyway! 

Do you guys enjoy haul posts? What have you hauled lately?




  1. I think the acrylic container is made especially to fit your dressing table! :D
    I have been wanting to re arrange my vanity with acrylic boxes / containers but since I don't plan to live here in Berlin long term and will go back to Indonesia soon after I graduate, I think maybe it is best to re arrange when I am already in Indonesia ^^

    I am so devastated that LUSH once again doesn't repromote Twilight! they didn't bring it back last year and this year as well! Twilight is probably my most favorite shower gel ever ever.. I haven't seen So White though, I am not sure whether we have it here, but I will have a look :D

  2. Everything looks amazing! I think I've been to Ikea once in my entire life haha, it will definitely be my haven when I get my own place haha! The candles seem amazing. I could never justify spending a lot on a candle - you're essentially burning your money! My sister has that acrylic organiser, it fits quite nicely in a drawer too! I love your vanity btw!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. Your vanity is so cute! Love that you can lift up the top part of the acrylic storage. Can you also stand it up too then? Looks so useful I might have to pick one up :D

    Bf Gf Does Blogging

  4. Omg that organiser!!! I need one in my life!!
    And yes I love hauls - my favourite blog posts and videos to watch!
    Also yessss please share your HK expertise after you finish exams hehe xxx

  5. OMG! This post came JUST in time.I was pondering around for some cheap, but nice candles. I had 2 from Daiso and I can barely smell anything! Thanks for this! AND I really want to try the Snow Fairy by Lush!! But I'm soooooooo brokeeeeeee. x

  6. I seriously LOVE that red berry IKEA candle- I was so sad when mine burned up- I think they doubled the price and increased the size because when I bought it I recall it being smaller, and my sister went another time and hers seemed massive in comparison. I'll check out the lotion spa scent next time I make a trip- it sounds lovely!
    I bought the So White shower gel and I can't get enough of the scent- I much prefer it to Snow Fairy and Twilight. I think after I use up my teeny 100g bottle I might try Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush body wash because I've wanted that for ages and it's finally warm enough to suit a zingy scent. Not that it matters much, but hey, all the more reason to go shopping! :)

  7. Yeh it fits perfectly in between my two drawers haha! It sucks because those Muji acrylic containers are so cheap in HK but they're really expensive in Australia and they're just too heavy to ship across -_-
    Oh no! We had twilight last year in Australia, this is the first year they haven't brought it out :c You should definitely check out So White, it smells soooo good!

  8. Awh thanks Tasha! The vanity table is from Ikea too haha!
    You should definitely go back, even just for a wander - it's so much fun!! Even if you're not buying furniture, they have lots of cute little bits!

  9. Thanks ^^ Unfortunately the top level cannot stand on its own however, if you slide it into the slit vertically into the box (you can see the slits in the photos from the side), it stands upright.
    I think it's so worth the money :3

  10. Yeh and it's not even that expensive! I love watching hauls too haha! I'll get on to it asap rocky for you girl! Anything in particular you want to see/buy/eat?

  11. Definitely try the ikea ones then! They're definitely worth the price you pay! Lush shower gels are pretty expensive but they last me ages coz I don't use a lot each time (especially for snow fairy coz it smells sooo strong!)