snaps. (with lots of puppy photos to brighten your day)

Cannot believe it's nearly november! Exams start next week so this might be my last post until they're over. I say might because i'll probably find myself writing up another post when i procrastinate. Here are some recent snaps though.

I've been on the hunt for some decent scented candles that aren't ridiculously expensive but still smell amazing. I came across a stall in Chadstone selling these handmade soy candles with 80 hours burning time! It was 2 for $55 so i bought one for me and one for my mum. The prices probably seem outrageous for those who live outside of Australia but it's actually pretty good. Candles aren't something i can buy overseas and bring back either because they're so heavy :c 
There were so many scents to choose from and it was really hard to pick. The other flavors that jumped out at me were Frangipani, Japanese Honeysuckle and Watermelon. I might go back for those if they're good. They also have smaller ones in tins with 40 hours burning time. 
Caught the lovely Sue for brunch, we work in the same shopping centre AND go to the same uni yet we never get to properly have a chat! Crazy. 

If you follow me on instagram @chloe_e, then you would have seen this precious creature already. My best friend got a new puppy and she is the sweetest thing ever!! 
Look how tiny she is!!! This is her sleeping on me, my heart is melting.
And just when i thought it couldn't get any better...there was a second one. She can't keep them both though so she has to give one away :c I wish i could take it home but we already have 3 pets. I hope someone close to us takes her in so the pups can have play dates!
I moved at the beginning of the month and i love my new home so much! I can't wait until exams are over then I can properly unpack everything and do the place up how i want c: 
...Although i did get to set up my shoe-drobe, my pride and joy. My mum complains all the time for my lack of "nice shoes", she doesn't understand my love for sneakers. I'm not really a flats girl, the closest thing I have are oxfords.
One of the things i definitely knew i wanted in my new room was a scratch map, can't wait to scratch more countries off in the future. 
This whole month, all i've been craving is french toast but this was the best one by farrrrrrr. 
It had salted caramel, banana, mascarpone, ginger crunch and maple syrup. EVERYTHING I LOVE! For the fellow Melbournians, you can find this delicious dish at Bluebird Espresso c:
My shopbop haul. Had my eye on both of these things for ages and with 25% off, i didn't even hesitate. It made such a huge difference! Karen Walker sunglasses are my favorite. 
My girl B turned 21 recently and she kept it pretty quiet this year. I took her out for a cute dinner date and we took our Prada babies out to play. Note to self: China Town is really scary and rowdy at night LOL.

For those of you with exams as well, good luck with your studies! We're so close to the end! A lot of my friends are graduating this year, it's so surreal. I feel like we just got to uni. I have another extra year because I'm doing a diploma but I am not ready to leave uni!

p.s. I got new social media icons! I'm so happy with them, my friend had to help me because i know nothing about technology. He's going to help me write some codes and revamp the blog after exams c: 




  1. Awwww yay yes we must do brunch dates more often ^_^
    The puppies are soooo cuteee eeeeeeeeee I'm squealing.
    Those sunglasses are amazing!!!!
    Good luck for the exam period!!!

  2. Your friend's puppy is the cutest thing! You'd want to hold it and never let go. I love your shoe-drobe! And I've always wanted a scratchoff map! Where did you get yours?
    Good luck for exams! Couple of weeks and we'll all be freeee.

  3. omg your home is beautiful!!!!! and the puppies are so cute >.<!
    I wish I could afford having such a nice house here in Berlin , a small apartment is sometimes impossible to get. I miss living in a house T.T

  4. Nice post dear ^^ Your best friends puppy is
    adooorable and so mellow! c: You should get
    one if its allowed of course! Nice Shopbob
    haul, the Karen Walker sunnies are lovely!
    The brunch and that French Toast looks
    YUM :c xx

  5. Your ShopBop haul is perfection. I love both of the things you got so much! Guh. I totally forgot ShopBop even sold Karen Walker Eyewear :( Otherwise I probably would've ordered. I dunno, I've been meaning to get the Super Duper shades since basically they came out, but they've steadily increased in price and I'm blind most of the time so I don't get heaps of wear out of sunglasses in general :p I already have a pair of pink/blue Deep Freeze frames which are so good. The puppy is too much cuteness! Scented candles are my newest obsession - it's really hard to pick which ones to buy though, so many factors to consider...

  6. Thanks Chloe for your nice comment! :) Lovely puppies btw. Oh, and those Prada bags... *o*

    xx Olivia

    Olivia's Choice

  7. Florencia Alarcón RiveroOctober 30, 2013 at 1:30 PM

    Everything looks lovely specially those cute puppies!

    I agree with the candles, they are so expensive.. I've been looking thru Etsy to get some but they are very expensive there as well!


  8. Definitely c:
    You too!! Can't believe you'll be done after this!

  9. I know, i couldn't believe they were real even as i was holding them! I got the map from Urban Attitude but i think you can get them online too! It comes in a small size and a big one c:
    Good luck with your exams!

  10. Thanks Pam!! They kill me with their cuteness

  11. i knowwww, I really wish i could bring one home but mum's the boss!

  12. Her sunglasses are seriously out of the world. The Super Dupers are so flattering in terms of shape, i have the critter version of them.
    I really want the number ones in crazy tort :3
    I love sunglasses, i practically live in them when i don't want to do my make up LOL
    I was seriously so hard to find scented candles that were okay priced but still did their job. If it helps, out of the two that i bought, the vanilla caramel one is really strong and travelled around my entire house however the water lily/Jasmine one is nice but nowhere near as strong c:

  13. Oh my gosh, I'm totally in love with the puppy shots (and all of the delicious food pictures). I love the update! I'm definitely following to keep up :)

  14. Oh my goodness the puppies are adorable!!! I just want to steal one and cuddle it to death :P I love candles so much, they are so pretty and smell amazing! I really want to get some Glasshouse candles but can't justify paying so much for it... perhaps maybe something to add on my christmas list! The Prada bags look beautiful, I really want one myself but yet again I don't think I deserve spoiling myself so much :P

  15. The puppies are so cute!!!!! They look like soft toys~~ Your shoe-drobe is gorgeous. I love all your shoes selections.

  16. OMG that puppy! I think I scrolled back and forth between those picture about 5 times lol, it's so darn adorable!!

  17. Oh my goodness I want a scratch map! Hey you have such a cool blog. Follower, follow me: also come and enter my giveaway!

    Renee x