Wishlist ♔

I only have one more final assessment left so i figured I deserve some blogcrastinating time.
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1. I know we're approaching warmer weather in Australia but I've always had a love affair with velvet and how it usually brings a dark/gothic element to outfits. The baby pink really changes things up. Seriously, if Topshop had free shipping, i would be ordering all the time.
2. I've been intrigued about this ever since Milkteef blogged about it a while back. I get pretty bad anxiety and panic attacks. The first time it happened, I had no idea how to deal because I thought I was having a heart attack. Since then, I've picked up some really handy tips to cope with them! I might do a post on this in the future if it's something you'd like to read. Anyway, I tend to get panic attacks when I'm in bed at night right before I'm supposed to sleep so this sounds like a great soothing product; the fragrance of lavender and camomile are both great for calming the mind. Aromatherapy does wonders.
3. I watched the entire series of Orange is the New Black right before all my mid-sem assessments, #priorities, and now i really want to read the book! I honestly cannot wait for my summer holidays to start because i really want to get back to reading, a hobby i used to enjoy so much but never make time for now. This TV series is amazing and Jenji Kohan is a genius. All the characters in her shows are so vibrant and they all leave such an impression on you in their own way. She also created Weeds which is one of my favorite TV shows EVER.
4. Ever since reading Sue's post, a couple more reviews of the Roche Posay BB Melt-In cream have popped onto my feed... (p.s. it was her birthday a few days ago, go and give her some birthday love!) I've never had any luck with traditional BB creams but the idea of a lighter coverage base with SPF 50 is really appealing especially as the weather is getting warmer
5. My skin has been horrendous lately, I blame stress, lack of sleep and Melbourne's bi-polar weather. So many UK bloggers have reviewed the Vichy Idealia Life Serum and it sounds exactly like what I need right now. This serum is aimed to correct, repair and prevent the skin from the daily things we expose our skin to that affect our skin quality. e.g. stress, pollution, UV rays, an unbalanced diet. I don't think i've come across one negative review of this! Not sure how to get a hold of it though...i've only found it on eBay so far.
6. I've been wanting another buffing brush but i didn't want another core collection. If i get this set, i won't be doubling any of my brushes except for the buffing brush which i actually want and the foundation brush which i don't really care for. The multitask brush and the crease brush in the set tempt me even more. I tweeted iHerb asking if they'll be stocking them and they said that they've ordered it and they should receive it in the next couple of weeks ^^
7.  Lazy Oaf is one of my favorite brands and I just want everything they have at the moment! These kitty socks are TOO CUTE!

That's all from me for now c: Hope this week has been treating you well! I better go back to my french dissertation, can't believe that it's my last semester of french ever! I've been doing it for the last 9 years!




  1. I loooove Lazy Oaf as well! Great quirky prints and design they
    have really c: Lovely wishlist you've assembled! Xx

  2. Awh I wish I could wear those shorts at this time of year in the UK! They're so cute and such a lovely colour!x

    Kathryn x

  3. Those shorts are so gorgeous!!
    Awwww thanks for the shoutout hehe <3
    The BB cream is pretty lightweight! Test it out if you can first since you haven't had much luck in the past with them!
    Damn wish I waited for that set to be stocked on iHerb, just bought a couple of brushes a few weeks ago!

  4. Blogcrastination is totally legit!! Good luck for your last assessment~~~

    I bought a backpack and crop tee from Lazy Oaf recently and I want MOREEEEEE~ the kitty socks are too cute!!! I need to stalk the herb website for the Real Techniques brush set.

  5. I have Vichy Idealia Life Serum on my wish list as well! I live in melb and i COMPLETELY understand when you say bi-polar weather! It is stressing out my skin!

    Can't wait for you to get a hold of it and also review it! I can't figure out where to get it besides ebay either!


  6. How coincidental - I'm watching Orange Is the New Black right now. I'm onto episode 3 and I literally just started watching today :p I'd been putting it off for ages but I had to see what the hype's been about. I can't get over how much the lead actress looks like Katy Perry though - she's seriously the spitting image of her. Haha. I would be interested in reading more personal kinds of posts, especially about anxiety which is something I struggle with as well.

  7. great post! would you like to follow eachother?




  8. Those shorts are so cute! I really want them!!

    My skin has been pretty dry and just terrible lately. I think a lot of skin problems (at least for me) come from stress and sleep so I would say relax more and sleep for better skin hehe. I personally need to work on my sleep!


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  11. those kitty socks are adorable indeed! and good luck for your final assessment :)

  12. I LOVE Orange is the New Black - it's torture that the next season won't be out until a little while later. Those shorts (though no something I could pull off) are so cute!

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  14. Such a cute wishlist! I need some sleep products too because I cannot sleep at the moment which is so weird!

    new follower! you have a lovely blog

    if you like lush then you may want to come and check out my review of the golden wonder bath bomb :)