I'm alive and miss you all dearly

Hello everyone! 
Wow... it's been more than 6 months since my last blog post so you guys are probably pretty surprised to hear from me out of the blue. I won't say too much in this post except for the fact that i'm really excited to be back! Just a short outfit post from me today since Melbourne was experiencing some super fine and warm autumn weather (my pets did not hesitate to join me). 

 dress: Topshop, necklace: Kuma Crafts, socks: Korea, shoes: Nike AF1s, satchel: Korea, phone case: Candies, sunglasses: Karen Walker
A lot has changed in the last 6 months, the most obvious one for you is most likely my hair! After years of wishing I could go grey, I've finally done it. I think it's my favorite color yet but I'm still learning how to care for it and I've been trialling a bunch of hair products. I'll have to do a post on how I manage my hair soon because my entire routine has been turned upside down.
Also I'll be doing more outfit posts in the future because they're a lot quicker to put together than reviews. After exams though, I'll get my blog in full swing again because I miss it + miss you guys so much! And I can't wait to do sit down with a cup of tea on a cold winter's day and catch up on all my blog reads ^^
But first, I must soldier on for the last few weeks of the semester! Good luck to everyone studying in their final weeks of assessment. Not long now until we can enjoy our winter/summer holidays c:
Follow me on instagram @chloe_e for more regular updates, I'm currently taking part in "The Hundred Project" run by ASOS Australia, where I have to share 100 different oufits before the end of the academic school year. Tell me if you're doing it too so I can check it out!

lots of love, and ever so grateful for your support,




  1. Nice to have you back! I'm gonna be making a comeback too! :) look forward to seeing your blog posts again!

  2. Cute hair. Love the backpack too!

    I have a GIVEAWAY that I think you may like.
    Renee x


  3. Welcome back!