Side Eyeing Chloe

Melbourne has been experiencing some gorgeous weather this week, I hope it's here to stay! 

sweater: Lazy oaf, dress: H&M, bag: Givenchy, socks: Korea, sneakers: New Balance, sunglasses: Karen Walker, necklace: Dallas and Carlos, earrings: Hong Kong, rings: Matina Amanita for Sretsis and ASOS 
Sporting some of my favorite things I've acquired this year. Lazy Oaf is one of my favorite brands and slowly I'm accumulating a collection of unique adorable pieces.
I'm cursed with not-the-most-friendly resting face and my friends tease me and say that I look generally unimpressed all the time. They always compare me to the "Side-eyeing Chloe" meme. In case you have no idea what i'm talking about, here's a picture for reference, and i'll attach the video at the end of this post:
But yeh, hilarious because we didn't know the name of the meme and when we found out her name is Chloe as well, we just lost it. I wonder if this sweater design is based on her because they got the teeth spot on LOL.
Shoutout to my girl B got me this stunning gold chain with the initial letter of my name for my birthday ^^ I've been wearing it so often because it just goes with every outfit and turns it up a notch.
For mother's day this year, I picked up 2 matching Matina Amanita for Sretsis coin signet rings for us.
The detailing on these rings is stunning. Everything from the unique shape of each zodiac sign ring to the dainty stars that wrap around the finger. My Leo one is so Game of Thrones. Here's a more detailed photo I uploaded on my IG (@chloe_e):

These kicks have to be one of my favorite purchases I've ever made from work and one of my favorite sneakers I own! I love 580s and this colorway is minttttt.

And as for the bag, I will save that for the next post because I can't even talk about it right now but this was only half of a very sneaky tax-return purchase.
I got a few posts lined up and queued for you guys today :3  
I think I'm going to give my blog a facelift soon too!



Here's the video!

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  1. Hahahaha that is the funniest thing ever!
    You look amazing as always... that bag is perf, can't wait for your next post!