Art Deco Glamour Eyeshadows: #350 + #358 (Swatch + Review)

First off, let me start off by saying that I LOVE THESE EYESHADOWS!!! 
I've never even seen or heard of the brand ARTDECO before i came across it in a drugstore in Seoul and boy am i glad i did.
ARTDECO is a cruelty-free brand from Germany. Their eyeshadows, like MAC, are categorized by their finishes - matte, pearl, duochrome and 'Glamour" (glittery). 
Each eyeshadow comes in its own rectangular individual magnetized pan with a transparent clip-on lid that has the shade number printed on it.  I love this packaging for a number of reasons:
- Firstly, you don't need to buy their palettes, which are sold separately. I have a unii palette (like a Z palette) so this was great news for me. You could even put it on your fridge! ...not sure why you would but hey! you can! LOL 
- I love that they have a lid! So when they're not in use, they're protected and if you travel with it and knock it around, it stops any fall out from making your palette all powdery and messy. 
- The shade number is also indicated on the side of the actual pan. So if you lose the lid or get them confused, you'll always know what number it is. 
Both the colors i bought were Glamour Eyeshadows. 
#350 is described as a "Glam Grey Beige" and #358 is described as a"Glam Decent Purple".
I love how soft these colors look, they're so flattering and the subtleness of the glitter really adds dimension to the color without being over the top. 
When i swatched it initially at the store, i just really liked the colors but since being back in Melbourne, i've been using them pretty much daily and i really wish i bought a few more because the quality is just amazing. In terms of texture, they are silky, buttery and extremely blendable with minimal to no fallout during application and wear - the glitters particles running through them aren't gritty at all. Pigmentation is also very rich. I don't have problems with fading or creasing either! In fact, i think they help my eyeliner stay on longer without fading.
Here is a daytime look i've been wearing a lot, using #358. I love how neutral and soft it looks.
I've also used these for a nighttime look. I intensified it using #350 as an all over base color and blending #358 in the inner corner.
ARTDECO offers a "Système Mosaique" where you can select different eyeshadow/blushes and fill up a 2-pan/4-pan/6-pan/12-pan magnetic ARTDECO palette.
These are two of best eyeshadows I own. I am honestly so blown away by the quality and might even prefer them over my Urban Decay eyeshadows and some of my MAC ones too! I'd be interested to see how the other finishes compare to this, especially the matte ones. There are lots of colors to choose from in the range, heaps of beautiful neutrals too. I think the palettes themselves are quite pricey but the eyeshadows are well worth the money, at least the ones I tried. I definitely want to try more things in the future from ARTDECO. I've heard really good things about their eyeshadow base!
ARTDECO is available on Beauty Bay but not the entire range. It is also available from (shipping is a flat rate of £5.50). Prices on both sites are really reasonable.

Have you ever tried anything from ARTDECO? What's your favorite ARTDECO product?

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  1. Wow, gorg! I've been wanting to buy some stuff from Art Deco from beauty bay forever! I love the purple toned taupe! It's gorg on you!

  2. They're pretty pricey here so I'm surprised they're considered drugstore/"drugstore priced" everywhere else. Damn custom taxes. :))

  3. You pull off purples so well! And your skin looks so good.. I've heard of ArtDeco before but it's not a brand that drives the pink cutesy Kpopstar advertising like Etude House or Lioele. The quality of the formula sounds amazing- maybe I'll order it off Beauty Bay since the shipping to Australia is supposedly fast.

  4. I swear I commented on this post but it didn't go through :( I love how pigmented the eyeshadows are, and the shades are gorgeous and great for everyday wear! Hahaha I would totally stick the eyeshadows on my fridge for easy access y'know? :P These must be pure amazing for you to say that you prefer them over the Urban Decay eyeshadows! I love the look you did for your eyes too, it looks so pretty :)

  5. I have never heard of Artdeco before, and
    they are from Germany! My neighbour countryyy
    anyway they have lovely tones. You look
    lovely dear c: Xx

  6. great post! would you like to follow eachother?



  7. Such pretty shades!

    x karen

  8. They look so beautiful on you! <3 xo

  9. Thank you! I wonder how their other products compare!

  10. All of the prices of EVERYTHING is marked up dramatically in Australia, we have a higher cost of living so when i compared the prices of these eyeshadows to our drugstore make up, it was still cheaper! crazy!

  11. I actually haven't tried Inglot, i'm keen to and there's one around the corner from my work but i always feel so overwhelmed when i go in! There's a VIP discount shopping night in my shopping centre next month though, so i might just go check it out c;

  12. I'm so addicted to purples, i need to stop! but they're just so flattering, especially on asian skin.
    I'm such a sucker for korean make up and their packaging!
    I hope that Art Deco's other products are just as good!

  13. Ah i hate when that happens! Haha i have a magnetic whiteboard in my room and sometimes i stick it on...just for fun because i can.
    I find UD and MAC eyeshadows a hit and miss but i honestly love love love the formula of these eyeshadows and they're so afforable you know