Recent Dolling Up Occasions

In the last week of September, I had the opportunity to doll up quite a few times so i thought I'd share some snaps with you c: I honestly love getting ready, it's what gets me pumped to start the day and i enjoy every minute of it. I never plan my outfits or my make up, so the entire process is just such a joy for me because i never know what i'll end up looking like LOL, my life is so exciting. Savour the little things right?
First up, i had Biomed Ball. I don't actually study Biomed but a few of my friends do and we all decided to go. I've been hermiting in my own little hole for a few weeks so it was really nice to see a lot of friends i hadn't seen in ages, and all dressed up too! All the girls looked so stunning and the guys, mighty dapper. I always appreciate a man in a suit.

My dress was my aunty's bridesmaid dress from one of her friend's wedding a while ago. She gave the dress to me beginning of last year and i forgot about it and found it in my wardrobe when i was packing up my room to move. Handy timing! 
I wish i got a photo of the back but i completely forgot to because we literally only left ourselves half n' hour to get ready and i barely took any photos on the night. The straps at the front of the dress followed all the way to the back and weaved in a criss-cross manner with a bow around the waist area. Mish's dress was so glamourous; it reminded me of a black Vera Wang wedding dress or something!  People kept stepping on her dress the entire night though. And as for Kellen, she MADE HER DRESS. This girl. In case you forgot, she also made her costume at my 21st, that girl CAN sew.
All of these photos were taken post ball because we didn't get any pre-ball haha! The second photo was when we changed for the after party but we didn't end up going because it was pouring down with rain and while our apartment was really close to where the after party was, we just couldn't be bothered after we got some maccas. We ran into some people coming back from the after party in the elevator and they said it wasn't worth going so we ended up watching infomercials LOL.
I felt bad for people who had uni the next day. A few of us went down to Breakfast Thieves for some brunch but only Mish and I ate. 
This was written on the wall and i thought it was so cute and highly accurate. I hate raisons so this is 100% spot on. I always feel so betrayed when i realise choc chip cookies aren't choc chip cookies.
I ordered spicy baked eggs with Chorizo, mushrooms, peas, feta and a side of garlic toast. It was really delicious at first but the flavor was so intense and there wasn't enough bread and my tongue was like "help me" about halfway through. I think it would have been nicer with more egg too. The toast was amazing though.
I wish i got a photo of Mish's food, she got a really yummy french brioche with pear and something.
p.s. She just started a local Melbourne food blog with her friend Kim, so check it out here c:
The weather on this day was insane. We were all so underdressed because no one really thought about the day after the ball. It was absolutely freezing, WINDY AS ****, sunny and hailing. Typical Melbourne. To protect ourselves from the bi-polar weather, we invested in kawaii matching raincoats from Daiso. I seriously love that place. (Sue, expect my face in the Chadstone store). 
Here's a cute photo of Cookie. She's usually not allowed on the bed but she just had a bath and she was all soft and fluffy and i couldn't say no.
I redyed my hair and now it's more dark turquoise/green. The last saturday of September, we celebrated one of my best friends 21st and i had such a good night! Most of my friends were there and Mish and I got to put together the playlist so it was good fun seeing everyone get into our party tunes. I took a few photos with the birthday boy on the actual camera but none on my phone. Mish and I never miss an opportunity to photo whore though. I wore a black jumpsuit with a neon yellow blazer (as seen in this post) and the heels i bought in this post. I was really unsure when i bought my fluro yellow blazer but i love pairing it with monochrome colors. 

My girl Bella (i've been friends with her with since the first year of high school) and I went to see Rihanna on the last day of September. We've been looking forward to it for months. We had a cute manicure and lunch date before we headed back to hers for a cuppa tea. 
Then we just got ready together and had dinner before we left. Her mummy made the yummiest pasta :3 Her sister took this when we were stuffing our faces.
We decided to go for all black look with a touch of bling. We wanted to shine bright like a diamond. I love using diamontes around my eyes for special nights out! Can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing Bella's brows are. 10/10, would brow again.
Waiting impatiently for the show. Before the concert, I liked Rihanna but now, I'm in serious lady love with her and her thighs (LOL). That girl just oozes swag (I have never used this word but this is the only word i can use to describe her). She doesn't even need to try, she just has such a presence. 
I didn't take a lot of photos but I took some videos, I instagrammed a few of them so be sure to check it out if you're keen! The rest of the time, Bella and I were shaking our bootys. The visuals and outfits she wore BLEW ME AWAY. Everything was perfect, she is perfect. RIRI MY QUEEN.
Us girlies in our "Post-RiRi-Is-This-Our-Life?" bliss ^^ I wore my MAC RiRi Boy (reviewed here), definitely one of my favorite lipsticks ever. 

I don't know if you guys enjoyed this post but i hope you did! I'd like to share more of what i get up to with you all ^^ and maybe even in the process, share some of the different make up looks and outfits i wear. Let me know what you think c:



p.s. i'm writing this at 3am so i apologise if i sounded a bit delirious 


  1. Looking very elegant at Biomed Ball!! I never plan my makeup and stuff either haha that's why I need to allocate hours to get ready so I have time to stare at my eyeshadows and figure out wtf I'm doing.
    Hehehe yes see you at Chaddy!
    GURRLL looking fierceeee at Rihanna, I just look depressed when I wear all black lmao

  2. I love how you can pull off 2 looks: sweet and girly with
    the ball event and grungy and rebels to Rihanna's show
    (so aweeesome!) Love the Daiso raincoats c: And haha,
    thanks for your massive spam comments really :') Xx

  3. Really love the lipstick you are wearing in the last photo :) Gahh rihanna! Must've been amazing live, love her voice :D Sweet blog btw- keep in touch ! <3

    Joyce @

  4. My style is seriously all over the place haha! It's ok, i always fall behind on my blog reads :P

  5. It's so much fun just going along with it :D
    I love wearing all black but i couldn't do it all the time, i love prints and colors too much ^^