Recent Favorites ♡

I thought I would start a new series of posts on my blog dedicated to my 'recent' favorites. I won't commit myself to monthly favorites because i don't want to limit/pressure myself to find favorites within a time frame. This month I rediscovered a couple of products in my stash as well as found new loves. 

Matrix Biolage Hydrathérapie Hydra-Seal Softening Mist
There are so many things written on the bottle, i'm not entirely sure what the actual name of it is so i wrote the whole thing LOL I think it's right...
For someone who abuses her hair so much, I don't know a whole lot about haircare. Most of the haircare products I use are either given to me by my aunty (who is a hairdresser) or as samples. This isn't really a recent favorite because it's been a favorite since i discovered it.
I first received it from a beauty box and it is the only hair care product I've ever repurchased on my own. It smells SO GOOD. I always get complimented on the smell of my hair when I use this  It makes my hair incredibly smooth and soft. My hair is visibly healthier and shinier. I rarely get this excited about haircare but I LOVE THIS and cannot live without it. It's so affordable too! I bought mine in HK for about $10AUD and it retails for about the same online.

Innisfree Wine Jelly Sleeping Pack
My aunty gave me this when I was in HK but I didn't try it until last month. I have a couple overnight hydration masks already (which you might have seen in my post on my go-to masks) but my skin has been suffering so much from stress/late nights and it started acting out so I decided to give this mask a go. I've been using it for about a 3 weeks now and I've really been enjoying it!
First of all, this smells A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! It puts me in such a lovely mood before bed. I'm all like *blush sleepy time ^^
The texture is very different from my Laneige Sleeping Pack, unlike the gel, this has a much more solid consistency - like jelly. Seriously, i held this upside down and nothing dripped out, I was very amused. However once you scoop a bit out and massage it into the skin, it spreads easily and absorbs very quickly. It has a "shape-memory" formula so whenever I go to use it again, it always sets back into its original pudding form and looks brand new/untouched. In the morning it doesn't leave my skin plump or radiant but it feels hydrated and so smooth.
MAC Mighty Aphrodite Powder Blush 
I think the Wonder Woman collection (February 2011) still stands as my favorite MAC collection in recent years. I still have all the paper packaging it came in because everything was just perfect and fun! I picked up two pieces from this range and the blush is one of them.

Heavy swatch of the two colors and a blended swatch of the two together.
Mighty Aphrodite (cute name :3) is a duo blush that houses a soft peach with gold microshimmer for the large part and a darker pinky coral with gold sheen. The blush itself is super-sized and larger than other MAC blushes in its permanent range; it also has a mirror, acting as a compact. While some may complain that the vibrant plastic packaging looks childish, I adore it. I don't think it looks tacky at all and it feels very sturdy to hold.

I've been really loving it since digging it up, it gives my cheeks a really nice rosy glow and the shimmer is very subtle. I think this will be my blush for spring! It's going to last me forever because i have trouble finishing normal sized blushes let alone a super-sized one.
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30+
I hate sunscreen. I hate the feel of it and I hate smell of it. However this is SUCH an essential part of skincare, especially if you live in Australia. I got this in the free sample pack that Neutrogena was offering a while ago and i only started using it these couple of weeks and I realised: I don't hate sunscreen, in fact i love sunscreen and so does my skin. I just never found a sunscreen I actually like. I was pleasantly surprised by this. It doesn't feel heavy when i apply it and it goes on smoothly. While it takes a minute or so to dry, it doesn't feel oily at all when it is absorbing. It just feels like I'm putting on moisturizer. Once it is dry, it acts as the perfect primer for make up. I think i'll definitely pick up a full sized bottle when I've finished the sample!
*Bonus item: Baci Chocolates
Baci is an Italian chocolate and one of my favorites ever - everything from the taste, to the packaging. I love the corny love quotes that come wrapped around each individual chocolate, they're always so hilarious. I don't have it often so it's always a treat when I do. My dad bought me a box of it and i've been savoring it and having it with my coffee/tea ^^

I hope you enjoyed reading the new series on my blog. What are your recent favorites? Does this post spark any recommendations you might have for me? c:



p.s. If you follow me on twitter then you would know how bummed i was to have missed out on Rihanna x MAC's fall collection online :c The Rose Gold packaging is DIVINE. For the Aussie ladies who missed out, don't worry - They will arrive in stores physically tomorrow at Myer and David Jones! 


  1. MAC collections are so hit-or-miss! That blush looks so pretty on you but some collections aren't quite as impressive.
    I want to try sleeping packs! Koreans do them so well. They sound a lot lighter than something like the Origins Drink Up.
    I know that feel- Baci chocolates are so good! My high school Italian teacher used to bring them into class to encourage cultural interest lol.

  2. That MAC blush looks so pretty! And I love your hair- just saying! aha x

  3. Baci are sooo delicious x

  4. I especially love this MAC collection! I think the packaging is SUPER fun!


  5. I agree with you about sunscreen haha I hate it too but have to wear it esp in summer!! you look fab here love the MAC powder blush!!

  6. Sweet cute blushes ^^
    And I love to hear that the sleeping back
    has a nice jelly texture! Next time when I'm
    in HK i'll look for this one c: Xx

  7. I was given that Neutrogena sunscreen from my sister who had a reaction to it. I liked it as well, but I haven't used it on my face before so I'll give that a go! The hair product sounds amazing and so affordable, I'll definitely keep an eye out for it!

  8. I totally agree, recent MAC collections have been so average! Except for the RiRi x Mac collection, i was all over that :3
    Origins Drink Up is the heaviest mask i own i think! The results are amazing but not something i would use all the time!

  9. Awh thanks Pam, you're always so sweet. Yeh like i said, not going to commit myself because i already know i'm going to fall behind HAHA. Most of the MAC products i have, i love and use pretty regularly, I rarely buy things from MAC on an impulse, most of the time i do my research c:

  10. One of my favorite collections to date!

  11. It's such an important step that i used to always neglect!

  12. I didn't expect to like it on my face but i like how it left my face a little tacky but not sticky or oily, seriously, such a good primer for make up after!
    And yeh! I couldn't live without that hair product!