March Favourites

It seems that now that I'm doing monthly favourites, I am hyperconscious of how fast each month flies by. I don't have that many favourites this month but that's okay because I have a lot to say about each item. Also a bit of a life update at the end of this post, I am currently on my way to Hong Kong for a couple of weeks so I will be travel snapping again because I enjoyed doing that so much when I was in the States. I love being able to share fun and interesting things in real time without having to edit myself. You can find me on Snapchat @chloe_e and Twitter @statuschlo. Now let's jump into favourites! 

Fairydrops Quattro Mascara

At last, I am reunited with one of my favourite mascaras! For years, this was the only mascara brand I used. Everytime I went back to Hong Kong, I would stock up and I even got my best friend hooked on it. Then about two years ago, they became harder and harder to get ahold of. I could never find it anywhere in HK and all the SAs told me that they hadn't restocked in months. They suspected that they were discontinuing it so they could reformulate or repackage. Eventually I had no choice but to try other mascaras but imagine my surprise when I saw it on Vivianna Does Makeup! The last time I was in HK in October, I saw these on the shelf again and quickly swiped two of them. 

The Quattro Mascara is their newest product I believe and I was so pleased that this is just as amazing as I remembered it to be (if not more, because distance makes the heart grow fonder as they say). If you have never used any of the mascaras from this brand, the wand may take a little getting used to. Unlike the original Scandal Queen mascaras, this brush has 4 bobbles instead of 3, it is also longer than other normal mascaras. Not gonna lie, I have poked myself more than once. The unique shape is specially designed to fit the curve of your eye and deposit the product onto each and every lash. The formula itself is amazing - it's the blackest of black, it holds my curl and it's infused with fibres that intensifies my lashes in length and volume. I noticed very minor flaking on days when I have it on for more than 10 hours but it can be easily brushed away without leaving a mess. It gives quite a dramatic/false lash effect so it's not a natural looking mascara. This particular mascara is smudge proof and water resistant but not waterproof. If you are someone who struggles with mascaras migrating and giving you panda eyes, there is a waterproof version as well. I don't have particularly oily eyelids so it wasn't a problem for me. 

My love for Fairydrops has been reignited. For so long, I was layering different mascaras to try to achieve the look of longer, fuller lashes but this does it all! I can actually see my lashes and they appear more defined, lengthened and thick. Also can we talk about how cute the packaging is?! I kept the box it came in so I could show you. I prefer the packaging of the waterproof one but the overall aesthetic is totally perfect.


My flip ring from a brand called Bora Jewelry that is owned by 3 Turkish brothers who live in New York. Their style is very distinct as they are influenced by their roots and the rich history of the Ottoman Empire. They make everything from rings to bracelets to cuffs and necklaces, and a lot of their pieces are one of a kind. They mix a lot of bold metals with semi-precious and precious stones; everything is extremely detailed and intricately handcrafted by them. Their work gives off serious Game of Throne vibes. 

We didn't come across this stall by chance, Bella and I researched very hard to find them. We first found out about the brand when one of our favourite boutiques in Melbourne stocked a few of their rings but that was only a one-time thing because the owner of the boutique personally purchased them at a trade show in the States. 
Bora virtually has no online presence at all, they don't have a platform where you can browse or shop the brand online and their business address listed on Google is their actual home. They only sell to wholesalers at trade shows but once a year, they sell to the public. They hold a stall at the Union Square Holiday Market in New York annually so our trip lined up perfectly. We loved meeting and chatting with one of the brothers. When we told him how far we had travelled from to find them, he were very touched. 

I absolutely love my ring. It is sterling silver with bronze detailing, with a Rose Quartz stone on one side and Smoky Quartz on the other. I've included a gif so you can see how it "flips". If you are ever in New York around the holidays, I strongly urge you to go check them out because their jewelry is so beautiful and unique. 

Seeing as my Bora ring is such a statement piece, I've been loving it paired with the ring that my mum got me for Christmas. It is a dainty rose-gold band with 3 little diamond stones, my mum has a matching one as well :) I really like how these two look together on my hand. 

MAC Prep + Prime Fix +
Is it just me or does that look really strange typed out? 

That aside, I had a lot of no-makeup makeup days in March where I'd only sport brows, concealer, powder to set the concealer under my eyes and around my nose, some mascara and blush. So to give the minimal look a bit of life and to get rid of any cakiness, I would generously douse MAC Fix + on the face. I have this in the limited edition cucumber scent so I love how refreshing this feels especially on a hot day. It just melts all the powdery-ness away and leaves a beautiful glow all over. I use it sometimes to amplify metallic eyeshadows, pigments and highlighters as well. I always finish my makeup with MAC Fix +, it doesn't feel complete until I do.

This doesn't do anything in terms of prolonging my makeup but it's not a setting spray. I didn't want to take the full sized bottle when I went to the US so I ended up just buying a travel mini there. I really appreciate the locking mechanism on it.

So that's it for my short and sweet March Favourites. As you are reading this, I will actually be on a flight back to Hong Kong. This trip was completely unplanned. My maternal grandma is extremely ill at the moment and the doctors have told us to be prepared. I am really sad and scared knowing that our time is so limited and that she could go at any moment. We have always been super close because I'm the only grandchild she's ever raised. I never thought this day would come so soon but her health has slowly been deteriorating in the last few years and I know she's in a lot of pain and discomfort. I hope that when the time comes for her to leave, that she can do so in peace surrounded by everyone that loves her.

Sorry to finish on such a miserable note, what have you been loving in March?


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