candle lit girls night, my 3 copies of the Little Prince, NARS goodies, my cookie monster, cute notebook that dad bought me

Had a lovely catch up with my high school girls at B's birthday over wine and cheese. E got me a miniature spanish version of the Little Prince (my favorite book) on her trip to Chile c: This book means a lot to me, my dad used to read me this book when i was little and i bought the french version myself when i was in France. 
I gave my NARS goodies a bit of a clean. i love the iconic black packaging but i hate that it gets dirty so easily ;c I might do a post on this soon because my friend tried cleaning her NARS eyeshadows and she ended up ruining the rubbery packaging!
I'm probably going to be bashed by the internet for this but i honestly hope not, i gave Cookie a pink highlight :3 I still have half a bottle of pink dye from when i had pink hair, i really miss it actually!
My dad bought me this notebook, its so adorable! Usually the problem with most notebooks is that i don't know what to use them for yet i cant stop buying them. I have a big personal project coming up though (will let you all in soon!) and i think this notebook might be perfect c:

This past month i've been such a hermit. Not going out as much has actually saved me a lot of money! This will be the first summer that i'll stay in Australia and not travel anywhere. I really want to make good use of my 4 months of holiday so i found myself a second job! Last fortnight, i worked 70+ hours, so crazy. It makes me sad that i won't see my family in HK for CNY though. 




  1. Oh your cookiemonster is sooooo cute! is he/she a poodle breed?? >.<
    and you have a lot of NARS goodies!! so jealous!

  2. Awww the pink highlights look great ;) I would love a tutorial or something about how to clean NARS packaging, I hate how grubby the rubberised exterior gets :(

  3. Ahahahahaah your dog looks adorable! I semi want to dye my hair pink as well but I have no idea how

  4. I have a problem with the NARS getting dirty too, especially if I use my hands applying foundation and I open my NARS eeek! foundation all over the case T___T~ ooh, cookie is so stylist with the highlight maybe you could try ombre next time? lolz~ lovely photos =)

  5. I'm definitely interested in seeing how you cleaned up your NARS products cause I recently re-discovered my NARS stash and they are so dirty!! LOL =)

  6. I love the Petit Prince too!!! It's such a beautiful story that bring back so many memories, though I didn't actually read it until I was much older. That giraffe notebook is so cute!! Your dad is so sweet~~ I would love to see how you managed to clean up your Nars compacts.


  7. I have seen many white pets dyed with beet juice. It's a safe way to enpinken them (: Go for it, she'll look smashing ^_^