Suzuki Night Market (snaps)

The Suzuki Night Market has been a summer tradition in Melbourne for over a decade, this year marks the 15th year. I went on opening night on the 14th November with a couple of my girlfriends and surprisingly this was the first time i've ever been!
The market is famous for hawker foods on offer from all over the world and market stalls selling a variety of clothing, jewelry, accessories, house decor items and other novelty goods.
The market starts at 5pm and finishes at 10pm but we didn't get in until 8pm (we had work). We hadn't eaten so we wasted no time and went for the food first. There was so much choice and we barely got around to everything so we've already planned to return!

Argentinean BBQ: Beef ribs, chorizo and chicken wings on salad
Chicken salt + salt and vinegar potato twists (my fav food at markets!), fried salt and pepper calamari with lemon and aioli
After chowing down on these a little too quick, we felt a bit sick from the salt and oil intake so we decided to take a break and have a look at the stalls before eating anything else LOL. 

These South American stalls always catch my eye. The colors, patterns and designs are just such a joy to look at. I nearly died when i saw the llamas. How cute is that cardigan?
This lantern stall was so pretty! A lantern garland is something i've wanted to buy for my room for a while but these were a little expensive so i just took a couple of photos and walked away...i think i might find them elsewhere.

This stall was full of pin-up inspired accessories and jewelry. They had really pretty brooches and rings. I fell in love with the Día de los Muertos skull headband but again, it was a little pricey. 
Vintage ads always make my heart flutter, they only look pretty when they're all together though.
South American clothing stall, these overalls are SO CUTE! 
'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' color pencil roll. 
This was one of my favorite books growing up, if only it had a plastic cover too, i'd use it as a make up brush roll! but it doesn't and i didn't want to ruin it. My brother is too young for this too so i had no one to buy it for ;c
Such a beautiful candle holder! I didn't buy this on the night but the more i look at it, the more i want it so i think i'm going to go back to get it :P

I died a little at the sight of this store. So very Cath Kidston. The robes were so pretty, if only it was a softer material, they felt a bit stiff.
Cupcake soaps!

Eventually, i decided i couldn't live without one of these llamas so we returned to the first stall. I had a hard time deciding which of them had the cutest expression. I ended up buying one for my friend too, because we both love llamas (is that weird? I don't know, they're such hilarious animals).
Last stop before the market ended, we simply had to have one of these Monster pancakes! We had the Strawberry Delight. The girl serving us wasn't very generous with the ice cream (everyone else had mountains of ice cream). Nevertheless, it was delicious and so worth $10 (when you think about how much you pay at pancake parlour!!)
Apart from the llamas, i also bought this bunny singlet (of course...), my friend Kellen bought a matching one but her one is a handsome lion c:
Overall, it's such a fun night out if you're looking for something to do with your friends mid week during summer! I'll definitely be back to try more food and look at the other stalls we missed out on. The night market is on every wednesday, 5-10pm at the Queen Victoria Market. It's free entry and will be on until 27th February 2013.




  1. the food looks super delish!! YUMS ^_~

  2. I hate it when servers are inconsistent - you should've gotten more ice cream with those pancakes :p The llamas are adorable, I know what you mean by choosing the one with the cutest expression. It's like soft toys - they all look different because of the stitching, and there are definitely ones that are cuter than the others even though they look the same :p

  3. I started a new job which is 5pm-9pm weekdays and I was so sad thinking I was going to miss every single night market this summer but I hope that I'll be able to make some close work friends and all head to the night market after work one day!!! I loveeee ittt! And I want the potato twist thing so bad!

  4. I can't believe it is that time of the year for night markets again. Oh that argentina bbq plate looks heavenly. Note to self to try it next time. One thing I dislike about this market is the never ending crowd and people fighting over chairs at the eating area lol. I don't know what I'm expecting, it is a market after all. I like the alpaca/llama at the far right it has such a derp expression, so cute.

  5. This festival looks like so much fun! Is this a theme festival or commemorating anything? I'd love to know more about it (I'm from the US so I've never heard of this).

    Those pics of the flowery print stall are so cute and gorgeous! Totally my style (:

  6. How much were those string lights? Because I sell them at work (and could get you a discount hehe :P)