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Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts these couple of weeks, i've been pretty busy working and catching up with friends since exams finished for me. On tuesday, i went to the Coldplay concert and just wow, what a night. This is definitely the biggest concert i've ever been to with a crowd of supposedly over 60,000!

My friend Kellen took a panorama shot of the arena before the show, look how packed it was!!
We got there at 3pm and there were already so many ppl waiting there, some got there as early as 10am to get to the front of the line. Gates opened at 5.30 but Coldplay didn't come on until 9.30 ish. The Temper Trap opened for Coldplay which i was really excited about because i love the Temper Trap (those who have followed me for a while might remember this post). How amazing is that shot of Chris Martin on the right, photo courtesy of Kellen. 
We all got wristbands that lit up. it looked amazing in the crowd during the show. I got a white one which i was disappointed about but it actually lit up the brightest :D
More confetti shots. There was SO MUCH CONFETTI. My friend was telling me that her friend lives in North Melbourne and some of the confetti actually got around her house (since Etihad is an open stadium). SO CRAZY.
 Chris Martin stole my heart. Second photo courtesy of Kerny.

Fireworks accompanied the opening song and the last song of the night. Me being me, i was so wowed and i kept looking up in the air and i got ash in my eye multiple times LOL but i was too psyched to care. PARTY ON. 
The Coldplay crew - yeah they were all yellow...
Isabella, Kerny and I had matching bow headbands that lit up, we bought them in Taiwan during the lantern festival when we travelled there earlier this year and we haven't had use for them since. This was the perfect occasion. My headband flashed white and matched my wristband c:

At the end of the show.
This was the second Coldplay concert i've been too but they still blew me away. I liked both concerts for different reasons. I last saw them in 2009 for their Viva La Vida tour. I absolutely loved that album so that tour was an amazing one. I was seated and i had really good seats too so the view was perfect and they played a lot of their old stuff. This time round, i wasn't that keen on their new album and they played mostly music from that but they still played the classics. I was so happy when they played Warning Sign! This one was just a massive show, it was good fun being in the mosh but i felt like i got beaten up the next day. If they come back i'll definitely see them again because every show is so different!

Anyway, lastly, a bit random but I went to my friends 21st birthday last week. The theme was what you wanted to be 'when you were young' and the birthday girl went as Snow White. I didn't have a costume until last minute, i ended up borrowing a friend's sister's yr 12 dress up but it worked quite well because i did want to be a sailor scout when i was little c: i went as Sailor Mars. Here's a shot of me with the birthday girl:
Voila, so that's just some of the stuff i've been up to lately. I'm actually working pretty much everyday. I'm so sick of the shopping centre i work in because i run between two jobs that are both in the centre! I'm hoping to save a lot this summer because i'm gonna treat myself to a special something at the end of summer if i meet my savings goal c; i'll keep you guys updated!

I hope that you're all doing well in the midst of assessments/exams/etc! It'll all be over soon! 




  1. The concert looked amazing!!!!! I wish I went ahhhhhhh!!!
    I'll need to try and catch you while you're at work some time but it'll be hard because I start full time work at a new job this Thursday with weekends off so odds aren't so high! I'll have to tweet you if I ever plan in advance to go to Chaddy (because yes I totally need to plan in advance for a 2 minute drive o.O)

    1. it was really something!! yes please come visit me c: i literally live there now so if you're there, chances are i am too HAHA

  2. I'm going tomorrow to their Sunday Sydney concert (at least that's the plan :p). I don't even listen to their recent album that much - so I'm going to be like you and totes happy when they play Warning Sign ahahaha :)

    1. ahhh i'm so excited for you!! you're going to be so amazed!

  3. This looks AMAZING, they are always so good and they only get better as years go on! Looks like you had a fab time x

  4. WOW not only does that concert look like it was epic but you guys took great photos. It's so hard to take good pictures at concerts >_> I even have a friend who is a concert photography professional because it's so hard to do!

    Congrats on being done with exams (: