deer prudence

sunglasses: Sportsgirl, top: Lo.wer, skirt: Topshop, bag: Zara, socks: HK, shoes: Underground, necklace: Tiffany & Co

Ah finally a post from me :P I've now received my rosters for both work places for the rest of december and it is going to be unkind to my social life, sleep and blog. I'm working pretty much everyday and running between the two jobs on some days!
This was my OOTD from yesterday when i went to see Pitch Perfect with some friends before work. This is my second movie this week! I also saw Perks of Being a Wallflower which a favourite book so it was exciting seeing it on screen. I don't usually go to the movies that often since its so expensive here ($10-15 per movie!) but there are so many movies coming out soon that i want to see. I'm really excited about Les Misérables, it's one of my favorite musicals and the cast looks so perfect! 
Not sure what was with my expression in that second photo but its a good shot of my deer skirt. I love these pleated skirts from Topshop, this is my second one (my first one was my bunny one which you may remember from here). They're so cute and so easy to work with c: 
Got a couple of reviews queued already, so thank you for being patient with me :3 

I say this every year but can you believe its December already?! Another year gone, time is just flying by! Hope December has been treating you well so far! 




  1. Haha your expression in the second pic is cute!
    You sound like quite the busy body, running between jobs on some days wow! You'll be riiiich $$$

  2. The deer skirt is wicked. Also, can I say I just love your blue hair? ^_^ Stay strong and work hard ^_^

  3. awh good luck with the two jobs, like sue're gonna be rich! :D
    the skirt is so cute too!

  4. You look really cute!! love your hair color too! I wish I was brave enough to do that color, would be so much fun!!
    and good luck with your 2 jobs! don't worry, you'e going to have lots of $$$ and can buy lots of beautiful things :))

  5. You seriously look so adorable! Loveee the skirt

  6. Super cute skirt! The sound of all that work waiting for you is a bit depressing - but at least you'll be occupied (and compensated for your time/efforts :p). Movies are so expensive to see here aren't they? I hope Les Mis is really good, I saw the trailer when I watched Skyfall and it looked very promising :)

  7. Loving your frilly socks with Creepers. Like you told me, the pair really look good together!

  8. i'm totally in love with your skirt and creepers! <3

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  10. That skirt is ridiculously cute!