LMFF 2013 Beauty Workshop + Meeting Barbara Palvin!!!

top: Zara, pants: Zara, heels: ASOS, clutch: Acne, necklace: Tiffany & Co

Hey everyone, I'm finally back on the blogosphere after my very long time off.
I've been going through some personal issues and i just felt very burnt out and under the weather which is not the right mood set for blogging at all! But seeing all the beauty bloggers' tweets and posts, i realised how much i missed blogging. So i apologise for disappearing for the last 4 months and i hope that you guys will still have me ^^
This week was the 2013 L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival and this was what i wore to the beauty workshop on Saturday. I got complimented so many times on my pants that day :3 
I didn't even consider going until i heard that my favorite model Barbara Palvin would be down for LMFF. My girlfriend Mish and i thought that she might be at the beauty workshop since she was an ambassator for L'Oreal cosmetics which was why we purchased a ticket in the first place. 
Sadly she wasn't at the event but... if you follow me on instagram (@chloe_e), you would have seen that i actually did end up meeting her!!! *blush 
This Hungarian beauty was even more stunning in real life and so so kind to all her fans. The people accompanying her kept telling her she had to go but she asked for a few extra minutes and she made sure that she got around to meeting everyone and taking a photo with them c: cannot believe she's 19!
Lets not stray. Docklands makes such a pretty background for outfit snaps! My girl Mish looked so fierce that day, check out some of the details on her outfit:

Mish and i are the same dress size and feet size, so she borrowed my litas that day. So very convenient c;
Anyway, onto the actual event. The one hour beauty workshop was conducted by the make up director of L'Oreal Australia, Rae Morris. She went through some of the key make up trends for this season while providing a lot of tips along the way. The 3 main trends she talked about were the perfect complexion, jeweled eyes and bold lips. If you wish to read about some of the tips we learnt, i'll put it at the end of the post!
After the workshop, Mish and I went to the powder room to get pampered ^^ There were a dozen of manicurists ready to give complementary manis.

I didn't get my nails done since i had shellac on my fingers but Mish did. We also played with some of the lipsticks.
I have to say though, the freebies were pretty disappointing. Most of the products in our goody bags were either hair products or anti-aging skin care. I also was kind of annoyed they gave everyone red hair dye... how many of us will actually get to use it LOL. 
Other cosmetic goodies included the Lash Architect 4D mascara, an infallible eyeshadow (i received the shade eternal black), a color riche nail polish (i got #216), a base magique sample and a sample of the infallible foundation (i got #140 golden beige - again, i don't like it when i get given foundation samples because what are the chances it's my shade).  Pretty happy about the fun sized Elmett hairsprays though, those will come to good use. It's my favorite hairspray because it doesn't make my hair crunchy and it smells really nice c: 

And voila, that was my LMFF experience. It was a really fun day and i picked up lots of handy tips c: keep reading if you wish to read about the things we learnt! 
It's really good to be back and I have lots of exciting things to blog about in the upcoming posts!



Tips from the Beauty Workshop:

Part 1: It all starts with a flawless base. Rae talked about how to match foundation when there's no one to help you - try to match it to your shoulder/upper chest areas, the area under your neck is usually lighter so don't match it there and don't match it to your wrist.
Conceal after foundation as the foundation would have done half the job anyway. When concealing under the eyes, use a shade that is one shade lighter than your foundation, not 3 shades. Don't use that same concealer to conceal blemishes unless you wish to highlight them. For concealing blemishes, pick a shade that is the same as your foundation. 
They also demonstrated the L'Oreal Nude Magique range. I'm so curious to check out the BB Cream as well as the BB Blush!! The BB Cream is white when it comes out of the tube and when rubbed in, it transforms to match your skin tone! the Blush comes out like a clear gel and automatically turns into a shade of natural pink. I'll have to keep my eyes out for any L'Oreal deals in the future!

Part 2: This section Rae went through shades that complement different eye colors. To wear colors that are normally hard to pull off, you can considering using it as the lower liner instead for a pop of color! Navy and Burgundy are universally flattering colors for everyone as they can be both warm and cool tones. 
She also talked about shaping your eyebrows. If the start of your eyebrows point too far down, it can exaggerate the width of your nose. If it is more level, it will make the width of your nose appear much narrower.

Part 3: In the last part of the workshop, Rae talked about lipsticks. When swatching and applying lipsticks, one coat should be enough. Too many coats will lead to bleeding and smudging. 
Don't apply lipstick on top of your lipbalm. If your lips need some last minute hydrating, put your lipbalm on before applying the rest of your make up then wipe it off before putting on lipstick. The best way to keep your lips hydrated and lipstick ready is actually as simple as making sure you drink more than enough water. Apply liner on the inside rim of your lips, not the outside. 


  1. yey you're back!! welcome back Chloe :)
    the loreal event looks fun! too bad the goodiebag didn't live up to your expectation.. but there are for sure some interesting stuffs inside! xD

  2. Woo welcome back! I'm seriously in love with your pants as well and the workshop looks like so much fun even though the freebies may not have lived up to the hype

    1. yeh it was a realyl fun day and i thought the tips were actually so useful!

  3. YAY! Loved this post :) cutest outfits!! wish I could've gone to LMFF but the last few weeks have just been crazy jam packed for me! I did head to Priceline last Friday where L'Oreal were doing a presentation as part of LMFF and managed to get a goodie bag as well containing some of the BB range! Already had the BB cream which is really good so I gave the second one to my mum, and I really like the BB blush too! Also some great makeup tips :)

    1. you always seem like such a busy bee! lucky you getting the BB range for free c: i caved and bought the blush hehe

  4. SO glad you're back, sorry to hear you were having a hard time but I think you will have no trouble being accepted back ^_^

    You and your friend are so fashionable, I love your outfits a lot (:

  5. Oh wow, can't believe you got to meet Barbara! How cool :) And it's crazy she's only 19! Thanks so much for the makeup tips from the workshop too, though matching your foundation to your shoulder? Really? :p That sounds like it would be impractical and a little strange, haha. Love the printed pants!

    1. i know i'm so in love with her LOL yeh i thought it was a bit strange too but they said the area under the neck is constantly in the shadow so it's not as accurate! i find that i tan a lot on my shoulders in summer though hmm