Benefit World Famous Neutrals: Eyenessa's Sexiest Nudes Ever (Swatch + Review)

Just when i thought i was over neutral palettes, Benefit released their "World Famous Neutrals" kits. You gotta give it to Benefit. All of their products are designed and packaged beautifully; everything is so distinctively theirs!
There are 3 kits in this collection and each of them include two small creaseless cream shadow pots,  four longwear powder eyeshadows, a built-in mirror and a tips and tricks leaflet. 
I first saw these online in December and I was attracted to this very palette straight away because i knew i would use all the colors and that was enough to convince me to pick it up. 
The thing i love about the kits from Benefits is that there's always a variety of products inside each of them. I think that's what really set aside this kit and every other neutral palette out there is the fact that there are both cream and powder eyeshadows and that just really does it for me c:

Creaseless cream shadows in Holy Smokes and Bikini-tini
swatches under natural light
swatches under flash
The colors in the kit all go so well together. They are perfect for an everyday look as well as a sultry smokey eye for a night out. 
Bikini-tini - Creaseless Cream Shadow, a shimmery peachy gold
Holy Smokes - Creaseless Cream Shadow, a dark shimmery charcoal gray
Milk It - Longwear Powder Eyeshadow, a pearly milky-white
Raincheck - a sultry mauve-plum
Pause for Applause - a matte lilac-y pink
Blingo - a metallic turquoise-silver
This is my first time trying Benefit eyeshadows and i have to say i was really impressed! The matte eyeshadows aren't matte to the point that it's flat, and none of the eyeshadows are chalky or have any fall out. Here's a basic look i've been wearing a lot lately, using just the powder eyeshadows: 

Pause for Applause all over the eyelid, Raincheck in crease, Milk It in the inner corners and Blingo along the lower lash line.
I can definitely understand the hype around the Creaseless Cream shadows now. They can be used on their own, as a base for eyeshadows and as a liner. When i dipped my finger in the first time, i was shocked by how super soft and smooth it felt, making it incredibly blendable and forgiving if you make a mistake c:
Bikini-tini is the perfect shade for everyday. In my swatch it looks quite shimmery because i swatched it heavily but when i use just a light wash over my eyelids, its quite subtle and not over the top at all. 
Holy Smokes is not a color i would often reach out for often but it is actually so wearable. I'm usually quite hesitant when it comes to dark eyeshadows because i'm not sure i can pull it off and it can get messy :3 but i tried it when i went out on friday night and i actually loved the result! Holy Smokes was so easy to work with, all i did was blend that all over the eyelid and then blend a bit of Raincheck in the crease c:
The pigmentation on both the cream and powder eyeshadows are great. Every combination is flattering and when the cream and powder eyeshadows are used together, you get a bunch of new results c:
The shadows hold up all day without budging as the creaseless cream shadows make the perfect primer. There is minimal fading and even when it fades, it fades evenly.
Here are my takes on the looks suggested in the tips and tricks leaflets:

I absolutely adore this palette and i've been wearing it pretty much everyday since i bought it last week :3 The colors are extremely versatile and as the name of the kit suggests, it is definitely neutral with a sexy twist c; The only thing i will say though is that it's not very travel-friendly as it is quite bulky for the amount of product you are actually getting.
Overall, I think these kits brilliant and make really great gifts! All the colors go so well together making it perfect for beginners c: it has already become a staple in my make up collection :3
I've only tried a few other products from Benefit but i'm keen to try more!

What are your favorite products from Benefit? 




  1. I have this one in 'most glamorous nudes ever'! and I love it so much!
    I agree with you about the cream shadows, they are so smooth and the texture is a dream to blend!!
    your eye shapes are gorgeous btw! love the last look you created! ^^

    btw, I am having giveaway on my blog, maybe you're interested :))


    1. i think i have to go back to the counter and check out the other creaseless cream shadows x:

  2. I've never tried anything from benefit, but this palette looks so good. Great review, Chloé.

  3. The silver looks intense. I'm so tempted to buy the palette but because there's 3 I'm going to have a really hard time deciding which to get first!

    1. it was a really hard decision to make but i decided to go with this one because the other two was just too neutral and i have too many neutral eyeshadows. At least this palette had colors i didn't own already :P

  4. This looks amazing! I love the variety in what you get and I can easily see how you would be able to just use the one palette

    1. it is seriously just so easy to use and any combination is pretty. i'm in love

  5. Wow!!! This looks so good! I have such a weakness for neutrals!

    1. me too! but i'm trying to stop myself which is why i went for this one as oppose to the other 2 in the collection :3

  6. lovely look! such nice colors ^_~

  7. Love these looks! I just did a Benefit haul a while ago, gotta get my post up some time but damn I'm wishing I got this too! Not that I don't have enough nudes already haha!

    1. i banned myself from nudes but made an exception because these weren't THAT neutral...right...? LOL

  8. Pretty make-up!