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1. I've been really into girly reads lately and I came across this article on i-D and it's got me very interested in this book. Written by a french model and her 3 girlfriends, they talk about what it means to be a "Parisienne woman", the book gives insight into culture, fashion, lifestyle, men, etc. I think it will be a really lighthearted, entertaining and enjoyable read and I know they say to never judge a book by its cover but the cover looks so chic!
2. Never would I have thought I would be coveting a pale pale lilac-almost-grey colored lipstick! I've seen this look amazing on some girls. Definitely isn't a color for everyday but the pastel hue of it would be perfect if paired with a dramatic smokey eye or even as an alternative to the traditional nude lip. A strange color but weirdly it works. This was the photo that caught my attention a couple of months ago.
3. This transparent rain coat is part of the Rita Ora collaboration with Adidas as part of the Black Pack. When the lookbook came out, I decided I had to get my hands on this piece but so far it is absolutely nowhere to be found and I'm so gutted! I have not seen it online anywhere even though Adidas has released the rest of the collection online and Australia isn't getting much of the apparel in the Adidas Original stores apart from the accessories and shoes :c I have to get this, it's so sick!
4. Oh my god. I nearly cried when I missed out on the release of these Nike holographic blazers but I LOVE AIR FORCE 1s! They were my first sneakers when I was a little girl, such a classic shoe.
5. I really need a proper wallet. I used to have a Comme des Garçons wallet ages ago in white which I loved (it's not white anymore) but now every second person has a Comme des Garçons wallet so I don't think I will be buying another one. After my Comme des Garçons wallet, my mum gave me a Tory Burch red patent continental wallet, with a giant Tory Burch emblem/plaque in Navy. It was gifted to her and she didn't like it so she gave it to me and I used that for a few years. Everytime i pulled out my wallet, it felt so ostentatious though so this time round, I just want something basic, black and classic. The Alexander Wang Fumo is what I've got my eyes set on.

What's on your wishlist at the moment?




  1. Nice and a bit quirky wishlist :P
    The raincoat/cape is something
    I would have! Xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  2. omg the holographic nike shoes are PERFECT! I want them too :(

    ✿The Sleee ✿

  3. The book sounds so lovely, I will need to check it out!
    I can so see you pulling off that lipstick. That tumblr pic is perf, I would just look like a dead fish wearing it haha.
    I am actually about to publish a wishlist on my blog tonight too ;)
    xxx www.suelovexx.com

  4. Ooh I want to check out that book too - sounds so fun!

    Josie XOXO

    Fashion Mumblr