MSFW 2014 - Outfit, New Hair + Runway 4

A long but a fun post, might want to make yourself a cup of tea c:

My lovely workmates surprised me with tickets to MSFW's Runway 4 show for my birthday this year. They picked this show especially for me because it featured some of the quirky Australian street labels I love such as Gorman, Kuwaii and Limedrop. 
I was pretty stressed for time on the day of the show on Friday. I had to buy my pants before class and after class, I had a really hard time getting home because all the trains on my line were expresses and skipped my station! It took me about an hour and a half to get home in the end (which is ridiculously because I live 20 minutes from the city).
I showered and got ready in such a rush because I had to have dinner with my family before heading out to meet B.

blazer: Topshop, croptop: Topshop, pants: Zara, necklace: Dallas and Carlos, shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, bag: Givenchy, ring: YSL
I knew I wanted to wear my Jeffrey Campbells so I started with that and just worked my outfit around it and ended up with quite a minimalistic but sharp ensemble. I paired it with a classic red lip - MAC Russian Red.
I actually had a mishap with the pants I was originally going to wear and on Friday morning, I went into Zara and thank god they had a few pairs of white pants on offer. I love the ones I picked up and I think I'll be getting a lot of wear out of them, definitely an item that can be dressed up or down. I love the fit of them and how they cuff at the ankles, they're going to look so good with a pair of kicks!
Because the show was at night, the lighting wasn't ideal for taking outfit photos but oh well! Here are a few more photos from my iPhone:
B wore her stunning new Sretsis lace jacket, AA riding pants, Prada Saffiano, Mimco flats and Limecrime Wicked on the lips.
I have changed my hair yet again LOL. The ash grey was just getting too high maintenance as much as I loved it and it didn't look as good after I chopped my locks and the regrowth was awful. After having had so many colorful hairstyles in the past, I wanted something a bit more classy but still edgy (knowing me, I just can't settle for a black or a brown haha!).
So I dyed my roots a blue-black, and got the hairdresser to blend it out from the roots so that it gradually turns into a grey. Eventually, as I wash my hair, the overall look should fade and the ends will turn to a lighter grey.
And now, onto the actual runway...
I think any of the seats in the house would have offered a great view of the show however my seats weren't in the best spot for photographing the items. All the landscape photos are mine and the close up photos are from trendspotter and the MSFW facebook page.

Bùl opened the show with a very laid-back, grey toned collection. Very simple, clean and feminine, which is what made it so charming! Such a great way to start the night. My favorites had to be these 2 outfits. The earthy jumpsuit with the chic white loafers and the adorable babydoll shirt-dress with the crisp cuts. The whole collection just reminded me of freshly pressed bedsheets and there's nothing better than that.
Livia Arena followed with a girly and swishy runway. The first half of the collection had the perfect balance of soft pastels and metallics. The sporty style of the items balanced out the girliness of the color palette. I was also super excited to see Nike's Iridescent Pearl Air Force 1 collection in action because I had only seen photos of it. The second half of the collection included darker shades such as navy and black and didn't jump out at me quite as much. My favorites were the metallic pink shorts and the baby pink (rain?)coat:
above. was the most pleasantly surprising label of the night. I had never heard of it and it was definitely one of my favorites. The entire collection consisted of muted tones. The pieces had a loose fitting but still retained clean and structural cuts. Most of the models had giant, sheer bow scarfs in black or white, a delicate and stunning touch!
One of my favorite items of the entire night had to be the shirt-dress from above. It comes in a light khaki green and white.
Kuwaii wasn't as impressive as I had hoped it would be. From memory, there was a lot of pastel blue, white and pale orange - a strong seaside vibe. I don't really remember most of the collection but this white dress did stick out. I have a thing for white at the moment, can you tell? This is my dream summer outfit really.
Chorus had mostly a neutral color palette and spiced up the outfits with some bright orange here and there and their accessories. The colorful "judo men" embellishments on the clothing, shoes and jewelry was unique and whimsical! Loved it!
The night took a colorful turn when Limedrop presented their collection. The jewel toned kaleidoscope print looked amazing with solid color-block pieces. Favorites were this lilac mid-shorts jumpsuit, the long-lined pink/black vests and the sunnies!
Those heart shaped reflective sunglasses need to be on my face for this summer! I snapped a photo at the perfect moment when the model turned around, look at that reflection!
Leonard St had many vibrant prints for their spring runway. They did a lot of layering with their overalls, camisoles, dresses, midi/long skirts and jumpsuits. Not really anything I'd wear but I loved the color combination on this dress:
Gorman, as expected, featured many vivid patterns and bold colors from start to finish. I'm loving this midi-skirt and shorts trend at the moment but I'm probably too short to pull it off! They presented the prints from the Kate Kosek x Gorman collaboration, as well as some tropical palm/animal prints. Here are some of my favorites from them - The mod sunglasses, mustard sweater, graphic midi skirt and brogue combo; the Kate Kosek x Gorman spray jacket; the monochromatic giraffe print pants, and the bejewelled 2-piece set.

The last two labels were Tettmann Doust and Matcho Suba, I didn't photograph them. These were very interesting to look at but not very wearable on a daily basis. Tettmann Doust showcased a variety of sheer, flowy dresses and outfits. The first part of the collection included some very detailed and full-on prints. The last few dresses reminded me of something from Game of Thrones.
Matcho Suba, a designer from Project Runway, came out with a pretty heavy collection - black, neon orange and red were chosen as the predominant colors. There was a range of interesting textures such as metallics, leather and mesh. Some of the items were inspired by Melbourne, the city itself - such as the MELBS clutch and the Luna park necklace and headpiece. Loved champagne-colored t-shirt dress, the back of it was black.
A loud finish to the night but it was really different! After the show, I had an intense craving for a milk tea from Gong Cha (by far my favorite tea joint) and B wanted some fries. Fashionable end to the night LOL
Overall, it was a really fun night, I didn't realise how much I would enjoy going to these shows and picking out what I did and didn't like. I might go to more of them in the future. I think the night had a very good mix of neutrals and vibrancy for spring. A few standout items caught my eye. My favorite collections of the night would have to be above., Livia Arena, Limedrop and Gorman.

Sorry my blog has been so fashion-orientated lately. I know most of you probably started reading my blog because I did mostly beauty posts. Beauty is something I really love and I still do but fashion is something that I've always been passionate about and I wanted to share more of that with you all. It is also much more interesting to document because I've been wearing more or less the same make-up routine for the last 5 months (so boring, I know). I do have a few beauty posts coming up though! 

If you've made it this far...thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! ^^



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