Recent Favorites ♡

Sailor Moon Blanket
Die hard sailormoon fans like me will immediately recognise the print on this blanket. It is the same print as Usagi (Sailor Moon)'s bed cover in the anime! I geeked out so hard when I saw this.
I purchased it online from here and the size i bought is the 60 x 80 inch one (the biggest size available). It is so soft and warm, perfect as a throw when I'm studying or watching TV.
Onto some beauty favorites...
Victoria's Secret "Aqua Kiss" Fragrance Mist
Because my perfume is so expensive, I don't like using it on days when I'm just going to work or ducking into uni. I've always seen girls going crazy over the Victoria's Secret body products but I've never really looked into it myself.
Victoria's secret describes the scent as "a cool splash of rain-kissed freesia and fresh daisy...infused with conditioning aloe vera and calming chamomile."
What i really love about this is that it's not overly sweet or florally, the smell is delicate and fresh. I've been complimented so many times while wearing this! The huge bottle is very reasonably priced too (roughly $20 AUD). I've been using it pretty generously and even after a month of use daily, I've only gone through about 1/7 of it. Because it's a fragrance mist, it doesn't last as long as a perfume but the plastic bottle with the cap makes it very travel friendly so I can always carry it on the go and re-apply. I'm very pleasantly surprised by how much I like this!
Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner in Brown
I'm already a huge fan of the black liquid liner from Dollywink, I use it interchangeably with the Kiss Me Heroine one. Recently I opted for the brown one instead and I've been loving it! Brown looks less harsh and much more natural. Staying power and pigmentation is just as great.
Hot Rose Sinner Lipstick by Lipstick Queen
I actually picked this up on a whim after a girlfriend kept raving about a Lipstick Queen lippy that she bought. Lipstick Queen has 2 different range of lipsticks: Saints (Sheer lipsticks with 10% pigment) and Sinners (Opaque lipsticks with 90% pigment).
Hot Rose Sinner is basically the perfect hot pink. I've been wearing a lot of bright lipsticks lately but this is the one I've been reaching for the most.

The formulation of this lipstick is amazing! It glides on so smoothly, even when my lips aren't the most hydrated or exfoliated. I usually just pop it on without any liner, blot it and I'm good to go for the whole day, only reapplying after a big meal. There is nothing drying about this lipstick either. Here's a few random selfies I found on my phone where I'm wearing Hot Rose:

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré
So many make up artists and models swear by this much coveted moisturizer/primer/make up remover/whatever-else-it's-used-for, and with good reason - This stuff is godsend! When my cousin went to France, she picked one up for me and now that I'm pretty much at the end of it, I'm so devastated!!
I try not to use this everyday because I wanted to savour it but also because I think it's far too rich to be used on a daily basis and I don't want my skin to get so used to it that it doesn't do anything. I use it about 3-4 times a week, usually before I sleep or as a moisturizer AND primer before I do my make up for a special day/night out. A pea-sized amount is enough to cover the entire face and leaves it feeling so plump and hydrated. I will definitely be buying a replacement of this.
NYX Mosaic Powder Blush in Highlighter
I have never been a highlighter girl, even bronzers I'm usually too lazy to use. I don't even remember buying this highlighter but I found it in my stash and have not put it down the last couple of months! I usually just swirl my MAC 188 Small duo fibre brush in it lightly and sweep it on my cheekbones and then with a medium angled shading brush, I also apply it on my brow bone.
What I love about this highlighter is that it leaves a really subtle but flattering pearly glow. There's no shimmer whatsoever but it's not chalky either.
Givenchy Mini Pandora Messenger Bag in Black
Lastly, I have been inseparable with this bag since I received it in the mail. It is the perfect style, color and size for everyday with any outfit. I reviewed the bag in more detail in this post.

Sorry, this was a long one from me! 

Have you tried any of these products/Do any of these products tickle your fancy? 
Link me to posts of your recent/monthly favorites so I can check it out c: I love reading these posts!



p.s. sidenote
If you have a blog post about your trip to Thailand or you've read/seen any great blog posts/vlogs about Thailand, please link them down below so I can check them out!

I've been dreaming of a beachy getaway with one of my girlfriends for a while now and I think we're finally going to make it happen! We're hoping to go to in November so I was wondering if any of you guys have ever been and have any recommendations about where to go!
We want just a relaxing trip of lounging around, getting massages, mani/pedi, eating fresh fruit and street food and of course some shopping as well.


  1. Lovely products! That lipstick is a stunner. Also, I knew I recognised that print from somewhere! It's so cute haha!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. lovely favoorites! the bag ohhh so pretty! <3 <3
    I have recently tried the Embryolisse cream but it broke me out :(
    Btw, I adore your hair! I wish I had the nerve to color my hair pink and lavender! always been my wildest dream. lol

  3. I like the perfume. Also that lipstick suits you and cool dress style,

  4. Hey girlie! Long time no see and read c:
    I really REALLY love that Usagi blanket :c
    and I really should start watching the new
    Sailormoon series!
    I also adore the lipstick, the color looks
    really intense and lovelovelove your
    Givenchy bag ^_^ It's cute!

  5. I think I need to try that Embryolisse cream!!
    Thailand sounds exciting, never been myself but it is on the list!

  6. OH MY GOD, the blanket <3 Ps, your hair is amazing xx

  7. Thanks hun! I couldn't believe that blanket was real, such a great idea to make it though

  8. Oh no! Yeh I was really worried the cream would be super rich so I only use a little bit everytime or around dry patches! Shame it broke you out :c
    And thank you girl! I loved that hair color too but it was just too hard to maintain :c

  9. I know, it's been ages! Good to be back though. I was so excited when i heard they were remaking it but I really don't like the new animation. I think there's a certain nostalgia associated with the old series too.
    And thank you!

  10. That stuff is actually amazing. Especially because I've been sick lately and it works wonders on the dry patches around my nose from blowing my nose (so attractive)
    Planning the thailand trip is harder than i thought it would be because I don't know anything about it LOL!

  11. I'm actually going to Thailand on Nov 22nd (Hwa Hin) for a wedding!! I don't know the hotel name but if you are going there around that time, i could bump into you! Exciting!!

  12. Look at THIS GIRL still checking up on my blog! <3
    OMG i'll be there mid november to end of november, going to bangkok and Koh Samui tho? where are you going!!