we've come too far to give up who we are

knitted sweater: asos, pants: ZARA kids, shoes: Nike, sunglasses: Karen Walker, satchel: Korea, ring: YSL, cuff: COS
Typical Melbourne, not making its mind up about the weather. The first few days of Spring were delightful - warm + sunny, somewhat lifting my mood but that didn't last and the temperature has dropped dramatically since. What I thought was the onslaught of hayfever was actually a deadly virus I caught off my little brother. Kindergarden viruses are the worst! 
I still had to pull myself together to go to uni now that we're rapidly approaching mid-sem assessments so to distract everyone from my sickly complexion; I paired some large frames with a pop of bright color on my lips and some colorful pants. My love for prints is no secret and these are so comfortable. I snatched 2 pairs on sale in ZARA Kids in HK ^^ 
You probably saw on my instagram (@chloe_e) that i've invested in 2 more pairs of roshe runs, I'm so addicted, I love everything about them: how they look, how they feel, just love in its purest form.
And as for my hair...I slept in plaits because i was too lazy to blow dry it like it usually do. It's fading at a weird rate and not exactly even. I'm planning to redye it soon but at the moment, there's blue, green, silver, purple, turquoise and probably more, I kind of dig it. 
My kitty insisted on being in my OOTD so i hope you enjoyed her poses. Here are some bonus shots of her, she was sniffing my ankle LOL
I hope you're having a lovely wednesday!  
p.s. I was so over Daft Punk's Get Lucky because it was overplayed but then i heard the naughty boy version and now it's my favorite song to cruise to at night hence the title of this post. 




  1. You look soooo cool, Chloe!! love love loveeee your hair!!
    the bag and the pants are the highlights for me!

  2. Love the look, like everything! The shoes, trousers, satchel, sunnies and ring. Love it x

    9 out of ten | follow me on bloglovin

  3. Love your wavey hairrr! And the sunnies looks nice,
    I like the details of the frame c: Xx

  4. Cute outfit! I really love your hair, the colours are so pretty. Adorable kitty <3

  5. I love your sweater so much, so sweet <3

  6. helen at thelovecatsincSeptember 14, 2013 at 12:34 AM

    lovely outfit and oh my gosh, your hair! it's so amazing

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

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  7. Hi, love your look! Where did u get ur clear satchel from?

  8. Hi there! The clear satchel was from a small stall in Dongdaemun in Korea. Sorry if it doesn't narrow it down, it doesn't have shop name/brand :/

  9. I'm so not used to it but i ended up loving it too! I should braid it more :P

  10. Thanks Pam, you're always so sweet <3