MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow: Joy & Laughter + MAC Mineralize Blush: Warm Soul (Swatch + Review)

I actually haven't bought much since i've been back in HK, takes so much self control but i'm off to Seoul tonight and i plan to do most of my shopping there ^^ 
I did go for a MAC run, hoping to pick up some of the things on my wishlist but was really disappointed to find that HK doesn't stock many of the products i wanted ;c 

As you can see the patch is finally off my head (my silly accident explained here). The wound itself has healed now but as you can see it has left me with quite a deep mark :c I've been using a scar removal cream for the past few days so hopefully it will fade and eventually fully go away ;c
I've never tried any of the MAC mineralize blushes or eyeshadows. Honestly, i've never really liked shimmer in my products so i'm not sure what got into me but i'm absolutely loving both of these products!
Warm Soul has been on my list for a while now, after seeing it on a few beauty blogs, it really grew on me and moved up the wishlist. This was the only product on my list that they actually had so i snatched it up without hesitation. I didn't plan on getting the mineralize eyeshadow in Joy & Laughter but just as i was about to pay, it caught my eye and after swatching it, i bought it too :3 
MAC Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul in natural lighting and under flash
This marks the second MAC blush I now own, the only other MAC blush i have is Mighty Aphrodite from the Wonder Woman collection (one of my favorite collections to date, the packaging was perfect!). Wow i totally forgot i had that blush, i think i have to dig it up once i get back to Melbourne :3 
Warm Soul is a burnt peachy-beige with golden shimmers. When applied on the cheeks, the color appears a little more ruddy and the shimmer is very fine. This is seriously such a flattering blush, the subtle highlight and the warm undertone makes it the perfect all-in-one blush, bronzer and highlighter. 

MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow in Joy & Laughter in natural lighting and under flash
Joy & Laughter is a shimmery duo mineralize eyeshadow. The top half is a frosty metallic pinky lilac with a sparkly finish. The bottom half is a marble mix of charcoal gray, lilac and purple with a sheen finish. The two looks so pretty together :3

I've never tried any of the mineralize products from MAC and i don't own any baked blushes or eyeshadows so i wasn't sure what to expect.
Warm Soul blends seamlessly and i love how it makes my cheekbones look. I use my Real Techniques Blush Brush with this and i just swirl it around in the pan, tap off any excess product and dab it on the apples on my cheeks and blend it up the cheekbone.
As for Joy and Laughter, the glitter in the top color is a bit chunky so i had a bit of fallout when i was applying it. The use of a primer is a must as it helps the shadows adhere better, show up truer to color and last longer. The shadows are quite sheer but can be built up easily. I wore this for a good 9-10 hours the other day and i find that it only really faded around the inner corner of my eyes. The sales assistant said that these shadows can be used wet with a damp brush to give a more intense color but i haven't tried that yet.
Here, I'm wearing both products. I had a bit of a hard time capturing Warm Soul on camera. Although it's fairly pigmented, it is still really sheer making it very difficult to overdo. Because i have warm toned skin, it just enhances my cheeks. It was hard getting it to show up on camera, it's definitely more noticeable in real life but either way, it just looks like i have a really healthy glow. I only wish that glow was natural.

This is a little random but i left my tweezers back home (good one) and came across this in Forever 21 and had to buy it! I don't know how technical people get when it comes to tweezers but i got this for $20 HKD (around $3?). I really wasn't expecting much, i just thought they were so cute so even if they sucked i could just display them in my brush holder or something but these tweezers are great and do their job perfectly ^^ 
I go back to Melbourne next thursday and i have one more post queued for you before then. Rest assured, there'll be lots of reviews/posts about my trip once i'm home! That's all from me for now! As always, i hope you enjoyed reading this post c:

Do you have any beauty recommendations for what i should buy in Seoul?




  1. I've never been to Seoul but if I ever go there I'd get as much BB creams and skincare products as I could carry! Especially Etude House, Dr Jart and Missha : ) Have a safe trip xx

  2. I haven't tried any of MAC's blushes or eyeshadows either but Warm Soul looks so pretty and modest! The cat tweezers are so cute, and your skin is flawless :)

  3. the blush looks very nice! I have 2 blushes from MAC, 1 from the permanent range and 1 from the latest Archie'S girls collection. I must say the quality is not the same as I like the permanent one better. It is always hit and miss with MAC.. I like their eye liners, eye shadows and blushes but I hate their lipsticks. :/
    btw you're going to seoul? so nice!!! I have never been there but would love to! you can haul a lot of korean brands like tony moly, etude house, face shop, too cool for school, etc. I heard they are very cheap in korea! ;D

  4. Yeah im like you i never had a likening to shimmer products but i do love those colours you picked up!

    Karen xx

  5. The mineralized blush you got is really such a nice shade! You made me want to get one too ^_~

  6. it's such a lovely shade for summer! I couldn't recommend it more

  7. I feel like i keep saying i don't really like shimmer products yet i own quite a few of them! I'm out of control

  8. The only other MAC blush i own is Mighty Aphrodite part of the Wonder Woman collection and i love it so much!
    I've only ever tried a few of their lip products, eyeshadows and blushers!

  9. I have no regrets picking up Warm Soul, only that i didn't pick it up earlier!

  10. Unfortunately BB creams always break me out :c it makes me very sad because it seems to work beautifully for most people