Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in Khaki, Rosewood and Antique Rose (Swatch + Review)

I've been wanting to try these Burberry eyeshadows for so long after seeing Tiffany from Will Work for Makeup always rave about them. Time and time again, i would walk up to the counter and swatch them on the back of my hand and walk away because the price tag was just too hefty for a uni student like myself. 

I made the decision to stay in Melbourne and do summer school, work and save instead of going back to Hong Kong last summer. 4 months of working and studying during summer was such a drainer, she knew how sad i was about not being able to see my family back home so she spoilt me with lots of beauty goodies when she got back from Hong Kong, including these :3 
The fact that it doesn't come in a plastic packaging makes all the difference...suddenly my Chanel eyeshadows don't seem that luxurious. 
The shiny, gunmetal compact housing the eyeshadows is super sleek and each packaged in a faux-velvet pouch. The pouch, the case, as well as the eyeshadow itself, are all embossed with the iconic Burberry plaid. Inside is a large mirror and a sponge tipped applicator. The compact snaps shut with a magnetic clasp. Overall, it's a heavy and sturdy case.
My mum picked up 08 Khaki, 09 Rosewood and 10 Antique Rose. All 3 of these colors are such suitable colors for autumn/winter; appropriate as we are entering the colder months in Australia now c: 
08 Khaki
Khaki is a cool green-greige. I love green but it's not a color that can been worn easily on the eyes. This is such a stunning color and pairs well with both the colors below as well as on its own as a smokey eye.
09 Rosewood
Rosewood looks pretty dull in the pan but when applied, it actually gives such a nice dimension and complexity as it looks different when it catches different light and on different skin tones as well. It is a light taupe that leans rosy-pink. It has a soft and subtle sheen that isn't too over the top; melting into the eyelid so beautifully. 
10 Antique Rose
Lastly, Antique Rose is sort of in the same family as Rosewood. It is a deep muted mauve-taupe that pulls slightly rose. Super stunning. Here they are swatched in the same order, in natural light and under flash:

I'm going to keep this short because you've probably seen many reviews already but the quality of these eyeshadows are unequalled. Online swatches/reviews does not do justice to this product at all!
I have no idea why these are named "Sheer Eyeshadows" as they are the complete opposite. Perhaps it is because you can easily blend out a sheer, effortless wash of color over the eyelids or layer to build the intensity that you desire. Either way, the ultra-finely milled eyeshadows have superb pigmentation and the texture is velvety to the touch. The buttery softness means makes blending a dream.
Despite how soft these shadows are, I had no problems with fallout. Once blended, they seriously stay put for the rest of the day. I wore them for a good 16 hours the other day and at the end of the day, it still looked as fresh as when i first applied it.  

The Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow formula is by far the best i've ever used. The Burberry eye shadow shade selection is quite natural but they are all so beautifully done. Most of the colors can be used as a stand alone wash shade but they also combine seamlessly together. I don't think you can ever really go wrong splurging a little extra on neutrals because you know for sure that it is something you'll always use and come back to.
Long story short: these are incredibly finely milled, have excellent pigmentation, flawless blendability and extraordinary staying power. 
The only downside is, because the cases are quite heavy, i wouldn't say they're very travel friendly. I am already itching to add a couple more to my collection (Midnight Brown and Mulberry)...greedy much :3

Let me know if you guys have any other Burberry makeup recommendations c:

Which brand does your favourite eyeshadow formula? 




  1. These look so beautiful and I would love to try the formula for myself one day! I have my eye on Pale Barley, Rosewood and Midnight Brown :) I think it's really sweet your mum buys you makeup as a treat/gift, that would be the absolute last thing my mother would do as in her eyes I do enough buying for myself! :p

    1. Pale Barley looks really nice too but i think i have too many similar shades! My mum used to buy me clothes but she said she can't keep up with my style. We have similar taste in make up so she says she knows she can't go wrong with make up :3

  2. Burberry eye shadows are the best eye shadows I have ever encountered!
    I have no single Burberry eye shadow, but 1 palette consists of 4 eye shadow, mine is in Plum Pink.. I love it so much and it has such beautiful formulation..
    I have my eyes on Pale Barley and Mulberry but after seeing your swatches, I think I need Antique Rose as well! :p !

    1. Your plum pink palette is so gorgeous!!! I think i'm going to be addicted to these, what an expensive addiction -__-

  3. Oh my goddddddd I nearly died and went to heaven when I saw the thumbnail. I have wanted to try Burberry makeup for soooo long! Well okay I have a lipstick, but I would love to try the eyeshadows and blushes .. such a sucker for luxurious packaging. It's still so expensive though :( but they look so gorgeous!

    1. You definitely definitely should, they're well worth the money but i would/get someone to buy them for me overseas! You make me want to try Dior make up! all the palettes seem so pretty!!

  4. buberry packaging is so elegant and sleek always! ^_~

    1. everything right down to the cardboard is perfect ^^

  5. ahhh i love the packaging for burberry cosmetics T__T the colours look good too!

  6. omg rosewood and antique rose are stunning!
    burberry always has amazing packaging and love their signature embossing :)
    xo; L&M
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  7. Burberryyyy, so pretty *_*
    I don't own any Burberry cosmetics but I really want to!

  8. Wow! This great! Because it doesn't come in a plastic and sturdy packaging, with magnetic clasp and large mirror!

  9. WOW! the swatches look great! definitely looks high quality.
    I have yet to have to any high ended products like Chanel. These look like a great investment